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corycouger 08-11-04 04:15 PM

Anyone buy the new Alter Bridge (Creed) CD?
I took a chance since it was $9.99.

I prefer Stapp over the new guy.

Michael Corvin 08-11-04 05:32 PM

it is still Creed, they are just minus one god complex lead singer.

db27 08-12-04 12:13 AM

curious for sure, but still waiting to here more about it.

Tremonti has some good licks, the first Creed CD "my own prison" is f'n great, I don't care what everyone says. For it's time it was really original and quite tasty. Then it got to Stapps head and took a dive.....

So this new band I'm not sure about, got to hear more.

johnbook 08-12-04 01:38 AM

Picked it up on it's release day and i've listened to it a couple times so far and i have to say i really like it, but that's coming from a big creed fan, so if you are like me (c'mon admit it) and are a big creed fan you will really like it to, it really does sound alot like creed, to me anyway, and the new singer is pretty good, my opinion...

fsubruce 08-12-04 07:29 AM

I actually prefer it to Creed. The new singer is much better than Stapp IMHO, he has more range and reminds me of Chris Cornell. In fact several of the songs are very reminscent of Soundgarden.

SomeVoices 08-12-04 10:42 PM

Geez, I didn't realize this was out already. It seemed like I was just hearing Stapp left the band and already there's a new album out.

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