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Rick James is dead, RIP tch!

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Rick James is dead, bitch!

May he rest in superfreaky peace.
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Just saw this too...
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Yeah, that sucks.
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The joke in the subject header is in poor taste.
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R.I.P. Super Freak
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Damn that's messed up
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Originally posted by Groucho
The joke in the subject header is in poor taste.
It sure is.
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I heard "natural causes". Just how old was he?
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(CNN) -- Singer Rick James was found dead in his home Friday morning by his caretaker, a Los Angeles police Department spokesman said.

James, 56, was a musical icon of the early 1980's and credited with helping to create the "punk funk" style of music that was characterized in his 1981 album "Street Songs."

"Street Songs" was widely acclaimed as a masterpiece upon its release and featured such hits as "Super Freak," "Give it To Me Baby," and "Fire and Desire."

"Street Songs" went triple platinum and catapulted James into the forefront of the funk movement.

The album's gritty content earned James a bad boy reputation that he often had a tough time living down. Some critics said it led to his eventual involvement with drugs and a conviction for aggravated assault and false imprisonment in the 1990s.
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That's sad. And i agree that the subject header is offensive. With anyone famous or not i would hope people can treat someone's death with dignity and respect. But apparently that's too much to ask for.
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Re: Rick James is dead, bitch!

Originally posted by auntiewinnie
May he rest in superfreaky peace.
Congratulations, you've just done the most insensitive thread title of the week.
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you guys need to lighten up, and Groucho you made the same joke over in otter
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What's funny is, as I logged on I saw this too. I thought to come in and start a thread with the same title, but then thought saying "bitch" in the title might not be I'd put it within the thread. I'm glad I don't have to catch any of this, whether it's in the title or not.

However, I will say "Cocaine's a helluva drug."

Seriously though, natural causes at 56? He had a caretaker? Was he in ill health? EDITED TO ADD: Just heard on the news that he had had a stroke a few years back, but had recovered from it. I guess he wasn't FULLY recovered, hence the caretaker.

Regardless of the situation, it's sad to see another musician die before their time.

RIP Rick James

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Originally posted by Corky Roxbury
you guys need to lighten up,
I agree. I thought the thread title was funny. I don't think Rick James cares at this point.
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No more Sexual Chocolate *sigh*
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56? Natural causes my ass. Stay away from drugs, kids.
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I agree, people need to lighten up.
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I was at my old job when I heard he had passed. I grew up listening to Rick. It's so sad.

Everyone that heard he passed said the same thing: drug overdose and wasn't he on an awards show (BET) calling some girl a b*tch.
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Originally posted by Rivero
56? Natural causes my ass. Stay away from drugs, kids.
I heard that after he got out of jail he did a lot to mentor addicts and prisoners on the dangers of drugs. I hope it doesn't come out that an overdose or something caused his heart attack. Obviously all the cocaine use in the past had damaged his heart, and I guess there isn't a way to reverse it (or is there?) I know he had looked bloated and his voice sounded hoarse a lot in interviews, like he was having breathing problems. Whether he had relapsed or not, it's sad. RIP.
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