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twikoff 07-26-04 09:47 PM

Oddest song played at a wedding?
I was having this conversation with some friends the other night (yes, there was some heavy drinking involved)

and we were discussing the oddest songs we have heard played at a wedding.

like one guy said he was at a wedding where they played, I wanna sex you up as they walked down the aisle

I wanted to have dave matthews band's "crash" played at my wedding.. but corrie didnt like the ball and change reference :D

and she ruled out november rain as well :mad:


harpo787 07-27-04 01:07 AM

I got to hear "Everybody Needs a 303" by Fatboy Slim at my friend's wedding. That's probably the oddest song out I've heard at a wedding (I've only been to like two weddings...so not a wide variety to choose from).

I also got to dig hearing a few Bob Marley tunes at that same wedding.

Michael Corvin 07-27-04 09:47 AM

My boss's friend got married, and the bride walked down the aisle to Van Halen's version of Pretty Woman.

Groucho 07-27-04 09:50 AM

The following is true: I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of "Mac the Knife," a song about a womanizing murderer.

crankyman 07-27-04 12:30 PM

why don't we get drunk and screw was played at a reception i attended.

GoVegan 07-27-04 02:08 PM

I don't know the names of all the songs played, but I went to a Star Wars wedding. Leia and Han Solo bride and groom. Ewok flowergirls. Wookie minister (just kidding on the last one). That was strange.

A friend had a Velvet Underground song as the bride/groom first dance. I tried convincing him that Heroin would have been a better choice as it at least used the word "wife" in it.

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