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warcp 07-19-04 06:02 PM

David Bowie
Unconfirmed rumor that David Bowie has died. Didn't want to post it in the header in case it ain't true. And I was just walking out of work...

Hollowgen 07-19-04 06:04 PM

care to share your source of this "rumor"?

warcp 07-19-04 06:18 PM

I work at a news agency. We get these tips all the time and there's usually some truth.

warcp 07-19-04 06:19 PM

And as quick as I type that in, it's just been confirmed- he's fine.

Numanoid 07-20-04 01:44 AM

Bowie will never die.

Abranut 07-20-04 04:11 AM

He did recently have emergency heart surgery. Glad to hear he's still alive.

atlantamoi 07-20-04 07:30 AM

This is the second time I've "heard" this rumor. Guess people can spread these around and it seems more credible knowing of his heart problems.

A week ago when Courtney Love went into the hospital there was a buzz in the newsroom that she had OD'd and might have died. We were just waiting for the confirmation. Nobody would have had a problem believing that.

GeoffK 07-21-04 11:55 AM

Guys..... Wait for something to hit the news before posting rumors that are completely false.

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