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K Tm S 07-08-04 03:37 PM

My paranoid 'Clearchannel' conspiracy theory

KnightLerxst 07-08-04 04:08 PM

The technology exists within NexGen and/or prophet to do this...but usually only during spot blocks.

NitroJMS 07-08-04 04:08 PM

This isn't completely unheard of. TV and Radio Stations will sometimes use a digital device to clip out "redundant" frames of video or audio to get a few seconds more for commercials.

I've heard songs on the radio sped up before also on Clear Channel stations in my area (Pittsburgh). I believe it was on their KISS-FM (Top 40) station.

The World is Square 07-08-04 06:26 PM

It's probably just the drugs.

Eeyore 07-08-04 06:37 PM

this may sound like a silly question, but why do people listen to the radio? i'm against clearchannel as much as the next guy, but commercial radio in general is a big seething roaring mass of excrement. either you hate the songs they're playing over and over, or they play your favorite song and somehow mess it up.

Giantrobo 07-08-04 08:58 PM

I guarantee they were sped up. They do that to get more ad time in. :(

DonnachaOne 07-08-04 09:11 PM

Just like when they say a film has been "edited to run in the time allotted". Same thing. They're all sped up and shortened.

Numanoid 07-09-04 01:44 AM

At some point in the not-too-distant future there will be absolutely no art nor entertainment left, just advertising.

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