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FrozenMetalHead 07-06-04 09:52 AM

How have you introduced your kids to (your) music?
I have a newborn (Zoe Beth) and in the next few days we'll begin "Daddy/Daughter Music Time" every so often. Granted I don't expect her to latch on to these musical tastes for quite some time. In fact maybe it's more of an excuse for dad to get mom to leave him alone while listening to a CD.

Anyways, our first selection will be a Beatles album, probably Sgt Peppers. How have you other parents introduced music to your kids? What are some of the songs or artists that your kids (older than newborns obviously) look a bit out of place singing at their age?

Pointyskull 07-06-04 10:19 AM

Right around the time my daughter was born (in April 1991), REM had done an MTV Unplugged special, and I had taped it. I was a big REM fan at the time, and I guess we played the tape quite a bit.

We also found that it had a real soothing effect on our daughter, and when we would have some of our friends over (who had babies the same age), they would give us a weird look when I would pop the acoustic REM tape as a prequel to naptime.

Similarly, she could Time Warp by the time she was four (thanks to a family-friendly edit I made of Rocky Horror).

As my daughter has grown (she's 13 now) I have taken it upon myself to indoctrinate her with music that I think is important in some way or another, and as such she has a strong appreciation of everything from The Turtles to Nick Cave to the Ramones to James to Jimmy Buffett to The Residents to Alejandro Escovedo.

Above all, have fun teaching your baby about music that's important to you.

It has really been rewarding to me - and I think to my daughter, as well.

atlantamoi 07-06-04 11:03 AM

Cool story 12th Monkey. I have a friend from college who's having a blast driving around town listening to the White Stripes with his 14-year-old. I'm sure when we have kids they will be exposed to all sorts of music, but what I'm waiting to see is what will THEY listen to to try and anger me.

Pointyskull 07-06-04 11:08 AM

Originally posted by atlantamoi
what I'm waiting to see is what will THEY listen to to try and anger me.
I already told my daughter I've seen it and heard it all.
Shock value won't work on me...

iggystar 07-06-04 12:03 PM

I've not consciously tried to introduce my tastes in music. I figure she'll have her own when she get older. Just like my mother who listens soley to R&B, so that's what I grew up with. When I got to be around 12 I found my own music (which started with Top 40, branched out to alternative when I was a teen hanging with my friends who listened to it and is now a mix of just about everything).

My brother ended up listening to what I do, but not on my doing. He said he would just hear my boombox playing from my room and liked what he heard.

Who knows what tastes my daughter will have, but she'll be exposed to more genres of music than I was so her decisions will be educated ones (and not just boxed into the whole "you should listen to this because that's what's on the radio or that's what your demographic/friends listen to").

But when I'm in my car or around the house, my daugther just naturally listens to what I do (just as I did when I was a kid listening to what my mom did). She sings Maroon 5, makes me replay Dido a million times.

Poink 07-06-04 12:21 PM

I've always wondered about that too... by the time I had a kid or two and they were old enough to get into music, would it be anything I'd be able to stand? After thinking about it for a while, I decided that the next quarter century or so isn't going to throw anything my way that'd make some of the noisier stuff I'm into seem weak...

My parents music never really had much effect on me for the most part. Sure, that's where I heard the Beatles for the first time, etc, but it's not like I wouldn't have heard of them otherwise. I've gotten my mom into a few things in recent years though. She's the only 54 year old in town that has a copy of Television's 'Marquee Moon' in her car. :)

duse 07-06-04 02:44 PM

I highly recommend Jerry Garcia/David Grisman Not For Kids Only. My boy is now 2 1/2, but he has been listening to this disc since he was in the womb. I agree with what somebody posted in the related thread. Play for them the music that you like, to an extent. Lots of Jupiter Coyote and the Grateful Dead played for my son, but I love to watch his dance interpretation to RHCP Give it Away. The most important thing is to expose them to music.

C-Mart 07-07-04 02:07 PM

I try to introduce my parents to music that I listen to... but I haven't had much success. It seems they can't listen to much that wasn't made before the late 70s. When I was growing up I took a liking to Huey Lewis and the News and the Monkees (Mom's influence) and Queen and Journey (Dad's influence). But now I listen to just about anything, except rap... rap sucks. When I have kids I will just listen to my music, and what the kids pick up, they pick up. I am always getting new music (unlike my parents... last CD purchased was a best of ABBA album) so I expect that whatever my kids end up listening to, I won't have any problems with it (except for rap... rap sucks).

johnbook 07-07-04 09:02 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by C-Mart
[B]But now I listen to just about anything, except rap... rap sucks.


Michael Corvin 07-07-04 09:22 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by johnbook

Originally posted by C-Mart
But now I listen to just about anything, except rap... rap sucks.


Not to mention 99% of it really shouldn't be heard by ears younger than 17 years old.

My baby is due in the next couple of weeks, the first thing I am putting on is An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess. A psuedo acoustic set from the keyboardist and lead guitar player from Dream Theater. It is mellow and jazzy, I find it very soothing.

I'll also get some Moodswings in their as well.

montag 07-08-04 06:15 AM

My 20 month old daughter loves dancing to Flogging Molly.

xmiyux 07-08-04 08:57 AM

Originally posted by montag
My 20 month old daughter loves dancing to Flogging Molly.
That is just cool. Flogging Molly is probably one of my fav bands and i honestly like just about anything with that Irish rock sound, the Pogues, the Prodigals, Gaelic Storm.

Giantrobo 07-08-04 10:16 AM

I don't have kids yet but I do like to put my ballsack on my Subwoofer while playing SLAYER and BJORK cd's.

Does that count?

Buford T Pusser 07-10-04 01:01 PM

I told them Dad's car stereo does not get Radio Disney and only plays cds.

They like "They Might Be Giants" and some Japanese pop like Puffy, Shonen Knife, etc.

I've just picked up some cds by "Ralph's World" that are supposed to appeal to kids and adults.

cfloyd3 07-10-04 03:25 PM

I have not entered the land of kids but I have a 5 year old niece and I introduced her to some Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, and Van Morrison. She likes to sing along and dance to it (Well the Stones and some Costello) so I feel I am doing a good job.

uli2000 07-12-04 04:39 AM

both my kids love TMBG kid album NO! It is fantastic. In fact, I love any TMBG I put on.

CRM114 07-12-04 02:01 PM

My 5 year old can sing half of the Wilco songs now.

The Beatles are her favorite. She watched the Beatles Anthology with me while she was playing. That effected her. :)

She also LOVES musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, West Side Story, Sound of Music, etc.

When she was around 3 or so, she absolutely HATED classical music.

Buttmunker 07-13-07 02:11 PM

I'll generally sing a song to my kid when we're at the park or taking a walk, until he hears it enough to know it and sing it with me. Then I'll play him the real song, and he'll love it.

He's four now, but when he was an infant, I used to play Doors music in the car. For the first few months, if he was crying or whatever, I'd play the Doors and he'd be quiet. I think Morrison's voice soothed him.

cdollaz 07-13-07 03:49 PM


fliggil 07-13-07 04:21 PM

everything i need to know about music i learned in my mom's car driving me to school, or in my dad's car on the way to baseball practice. they rarely had the radio on, always playing their doors, zeppelin, beatles, steely dan, and jackson browne. i knew the lyrics to zeppelin's IV by the time i was 8. we never really listened to music around the house, so the car was how i learned about music,

polietilen 07-13-07 05:13 PM

Originally Posted by cdollaz

Whoa, this is pretty cool. That Queens Of The Stone Age one should be interesting.

B5Erik 07-13-07 06:05 PM

I grew up listening to Big Band Jazz. I still love that stuff - but I really latched on to Rock and Roll when I was 9.

My 7 year old daughter LOVES KISS, Ratt, Dokken, Dio, etc. I have a feeling that whatever she gets into later on won't completely negate her love of this music. It may overshadow it (that's natural), but I think she will still dig this stuff 10-15 years from now. (Hell, I've been listening to it for 30 years!)

DaveWadding 07-13-07 06:43 PM

I give my niece a little of everything. Clapton, Buffett, Eagles, KISS, Phil Collins, Beatles, Hendrix, Jack Johnson...her mom gives her a line every once in a while (Queen), but on the whole my sister has awful awful taste in music. So I'm trying to make sure my niece doesnt pick it up.

sauce07 07-13-07 07:02 PM

90% of my entire childhood was spent listening to two of my dads CD's, Jimmy Buffett's Songs You Know By Heart and CSNY American Dream. Love both albums. we also listened to U2 and The Stones. Then I broke out on my own and listened to Dylan, Phish and Rush. The middle years between my dads music and when my own taste developed was a shameful time with lots of bad artest (i.e. post Smash It Up Offspring, Styx)

LivingINClip 07-13-07 08:06 PM

Started early...I have a set of twin daughters who love......

Regina Spektor
Tori Amos
Opeth (slower stuff)
The Temptations (THEY ADORE almost all of the classic Temp songs).

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