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Scorpio 07-03-04 12:13 AM

Motorhead - Inferno

Just picked it up today and so far am impressed. Steve Vai even drops in on two songs. Real rock n' roll! :banana:

Giantrobo 07-03-04 09:30 AM

Motorhead! Lemmy Rocks! I finally saw them live on Iron Maiden's tour and I'm hooked. :up:

Thank's for the Heads up.

Celtic Bob 07-03-04 09:40 AM

Just got it yesterday and haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. On the other hand the new Scorpions cd rocks. That is worth getting.


whynotsmile 07-03-04 08:30 PM

i've heard various different motorhead songs and i really dig em, though im not into metal much.

what album do you think a newbie like me should buy? i was thinking about greatest hits, but do you think there is one that is better?

TheMadMonk 07-03-04 08:54 PM

Does this album have "Ace of Spades" on it, too? ;)

Scorpio 07-04-04 03:19 AM

whynotsmile, Ace of Spades is a solid album throughout and a good starting point. I would also highly recommend 1916.

Giantrobo, that was an awesome show, especially since it had Dio on the bill! I wouldn't mind seeing that trio of bands again.

Celtic Bob 07-04-04 05:21 AM

There is a 2cd "Best Of" out that is really good. It came out a couple of years ago. There are several "Best Of's" out there. This is the best one i've seen.


Album-wise i'd go with 1916 or Orgasmatron, although you can't go wrong with Ace of Spades.

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