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kramdenfan 06-29-04 09:49 AM

Who's picking up the new Tragically Hip CD?
I, for one, can't wait for it!! They never seem to let me down!

I just scored 5th row tix to see them in Buffalo!! HIP! HIP! HIP!

gordon2 06-29-04 11:30 AM

Since the wife is now done with work (teacher), I'm sending her to get it for me.

I'll be at the Buffalo show too - 14th row center. I'm pissed about how much tickets are at Darien Lake now. They used end up costing $30 after all charges, and these cost $54. I don't know if it's Six Flags that jacked the prices (they bought DL a few years ago) or if it's because Clear Channel sells the tickets. :mad:

Lateralus 06-29-04 11:54 AM

Damn it! I was just at Best Buy to pick up new Rush and Ministry I wish I would have heard about this before I left!

Nighthawk 06-29-04 04:23 PM

I'll be picking it up tonight. Couldn't get it early because my friend at the cd store went on vaction :(

shaggy 06-29-04 04:48 PM

Picked it up today. Up to track 5 so far, sounds pretty good. Nothing beats the Hip live, but its hard for me to see them in the big venues when i some them for years in bars.

mdc3000 06-29-04 07:23 PM

The CD is ok so far... I'm not loving it, but the last few hip records really took some time to grow on me, so I'm sure I'll just need to give it a few more spins.


cultshock 06-30-04 10:40 PM

Haven't heard the new CD yet, but they had a special show on the radio last night, and they played a bunch of the new songs live. Sounded pretty good.

kramdenfan 07-10-04 06:57 PM

I PRE-ordered this from Deepdiscountcd, and IT STILL ISN'T HERE YET!! I didn't really expect it to be here on the day it was released, but figured it'd be here that week!!!

I'm dying to hear it!!! AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Sorry for the rant, I'm just looking forward to it! Damn deepdiscountcd.

printerati 07-12-04 12:53 PM

I think it's a pretty solid effort on the whole, though Gord sounds like he's straining instead of singing on the first two tracks. "Vaccination Scar" is the first single, and rightfully so, since it's the most radio-friendly track on the album.

I'm playing five cuts from it on my show tomorrow, if anyone is interested. Details at www.hoseradio.com. (Sorry for the plug, but it might hold kramdenfan over for the time being.) :)

kramdenfan 07-12-04 01:27 PM

hey printerati- thanks for the head's up! I'm not sure if there's a webcast for your show or not, but it sounds like a good one!
Unfortunately, even if there is a webcast, I'll be in an all-morning meeting tomorrow! :( I can't win! lol

Thanks again-

kramdenfan 07-12-04 01:28 PM

Cool- I just saw that I can listen to it in the afternoon via the archives!

Thanks again!

printerati 07-12-04 02:05 PM

No problem. I always update the site with a direct link to the archived show once I get to work, usually before 11:00 AM. Thanks for checking it out!

kramdenfan 07-13-04 08:49 AM

As it turned out, when I got home yesterday, the CD was waiting for me!

It's definitely a different sound for the Hip, almost punk-ish, but I like it so far! I agree, tho- it does sound like Gord is straining a bit on the first 2 tracks... Can't wait for the show on the 23rd!! :)

printerati 07-13-04 02:30 PM

Ain't that always the way. ;)

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