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WillySi7 06-21-04 10:21 PM

Can you help me name this song?
this is the first visit ive made to Music Forum so i dont know if this is appropriate here.. but it says music so i figured it try.. the song's chorus clearly repeats "i love you more than you love me" and gets stuck in my head every time i hear it.. haha.. it sounds like an 80s band similar to new order or pet shop boys.. however, when i type in a song search containing the chorus i never see anything close.. thanks for the help!

and let me know if this is not the forum to ask these types of questions..

DJLinus 06-21-04 10:30 PM

Sounds like "Getting Away With It" by Electronic (side project of Johnny Marr of the Smiths and Bernard Sumner of New Order). Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys did guest vocals on that single (and a couple of others).

The whole album's really good.


WillySi7 06-22-04 10:25 PM

Thanks alot DJ.. im proud of myself for getting a couple of the band members identified by voice.. i never really heard New Order till about a year ago (serious... must be the damn radio stations where i grew up) and now i think they're great. i might have to check out that Electornic album. thanks for the reccomendation!

bill_n_opus 06-25-04 06:27 AM

Electronic - Disappointed ... is a great tune. Check it out.

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