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89981 06-18-04 11:44 PM

En Vogue
Whats en vogues best cd?

bigjim25 06-19-04 11:18 AM

Best studio CD - Funky Divas. Myself I like either of their Greatest Hits CDs for a group like this, I'd get the bottom one even though I have the first one. I bought the first one and then they released the other a few years later.

1. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
2. Hold On
3. Whatta Man (With Salt N Pepa)
4. Free Your Mind
5. Don't Let Go (Love)
6. No Fool No More
7. Whatever
8. Giving Him Something He Can Feel
9. Lies
10. Give It up, Turn It Loose
11. Runaway Love (Featuring Fmob)
12. Too Gone, Too Long
13. Let It Flow
14. Love Don't Love You
15. Let It Flow [Funk Food Radio Remix]
16. Hold On [Remix]

1. Hold On
2. Free Your Mind
3. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)
4. Don't Let Go (Love)
5. Give It Up, Turn It Loose
6. Whatta Man (With Salt N Pepa, Single Version)
7. Lies
8. Whatever
9. Love Don't Love You
10. You Don't Have To Worry
11. Waitin' On You
12. Runaway Love (Featuring Fmob)
13. Giving Him Something He Can Feel
14. Don't Go
15. Let It Flow
16. Hold On (Hip Hop Remix)

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