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CRM114 06-16-04 01:56 PM

WILCO on Letterman tonight
Heads up to any Wilco fans out there. First chance to see the new lineup (unless you've been to a show recently.)

B.A. 06-16-04 03:19 PM

Thanks for the reminder.

wendersfan 06-16-04 03:47 PM

Cool. Too bad I don't get CBS. :(

whynotsmile 06-16-04 04:19 PM

Originally posted by wendersfan
Cool. Too bad I don't get CBS. :(

yea, living in antartica does blow doesn't it.

Absolut 06-16-04 06:03 PM

Awesome. You just made my night.

Achtung 06-16-04 06:29 PM


Rivero 06-16-04 06:36 PM


nick-tdi 06-17-04 09:31 AM

I'm seeing these guys in Austin at ACL. Can't wait.

Penny Lane 06-19-04 09:28 AM

I'm glad they played "Hummingbird"! Jeff Tweedy looked so funny bopping around without a guitar, but everybody looked really good.

Nels Cline is awesome, but my friends that have been to shows already are talking about what an ass Pat Sansone is. Apparently he wants all the attention. :rolleyes:

CRM114 06-19-04 08:18 PM

Now you know why they went to a 6-person lineup. Hummingbird sounds fantastic! Jeff ought to stick to being a singing guitar player though. ;)

B.A. 06-20-04 12:27 AM

I thought they did a great job, but Tweedy did look a little weird w/out a guitar in front of him.

lostatmidnight 06-20-04 05:53 PM

Article in the New York Times arts section today....
you will have to register to view it on-line.

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