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NEW BALTIMORE 06-14-04 09:05 PM

Question about Greatest Hits Cds that contain new tracks on them
I recently purchased Ultimate Hall & Oates and started thinking about how Adult Education and Say it isn't so were both the brand new tracks on Rock and soul Part 1 ( there greatest hits album from the 80's) and how both those songs were hits for the band and were included on other greatest hits albums that the band released. It made me wonder if any other band has ever released a greatest hits with at least two new songs on it and had both those songs become hits.
I know Tom Petty had Last dance with mary jane and something in the air but only last dance was a hit.
I myself hate when bands put out greatest hits albums with new songs and they suck, it makes you wish that they just included a couple other old songs that you felt were left off.
I think the new songs on both the bob seger greatest hits suck and so do the four new songs on forty licks by the rolling stones.

So I'm just curious are Hall & Oates the only band to ever release a greatest hits album with new songs on it where both of them were hits.

and also what are some new songs that were put on greatest hits albums that you guys either liked or disliked

Mr. Self Destruct 06-14-04 10:04 PM

The first one that comes to the top of my head of recent is that Nirvana released the Hits album with "You Know You're Right" on it. I think it did rather well on the radio and I like it

GuessWho 06-14-04 10:17 PM

i think there are a LOT

most recently a big hit was, "first cut is the deepest" by sheryl crow

nazz 06-14-04 10:26 PM

Bob Seger and Bad Company both did this.

Josh-da-man 06-14-04 10:32 PM

I think a couple of Aerosmith songs might qualify. The only one I can think of offhand is "Girls of Summer," which wasn't a huge hit, but got a fair amount of MTV play.

turborobb 06-15-04 04:36 AM

the only one I can think of off the top of my head is KISS. in 1988 KISS released a Greatest Hits album called Smashes Thrashes and Hits, it had two new songs on it. One of the two songs was "Let's Put The X in Sex" which was a small hit for them.

NEW BALTIMORE 06-15-04 04:47 AM

I was just curious if any band had "both" their new songs become hits for them. with KISS " lets put the X in Sex" did well but "You make me rock hard" didn't.
a lot of bands release greatest hits with a few new songs and a lot of them have a hit with a least one of but usually the other ones suck I wanted to know if more then just one of the new songs did well for any band besides "Hall & Oates"

NEW BALTIMORE 06-15-04 04:49 AM

" Lay it down" didnt do well on the Aerosmith Greatest Hits though I wanted a band with both of the new songs

turborobb 06-15-04 04:59 AM

I was just curious if any band had "both" their new songs become hits for them. with KISS " lets put the X in Sex" did well but "You make me rock hard" didn't.
There was a video for "You Make Me Rock Hard"... if that counts. but you're right, it's wasn't much of a hit at all.

Laertes 06-15-04 09:39 AM

Madonna, "Immaculate Collection." (even though she's not a "band", and your question talks about "bands", I figure she fits for the rest of your question).

2 new songs both hit top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100. "Justify My Love" went to number one, probably because of its racy for the time video and the accompanying controversy, and "Rescue Me" went to no. 8 or no. 4, can't remember exactly.

FrozenMetalHead 06-15-04 09:43 AM

I don't care for the "new" song most of the time; however, it doesn't bother me too bad if it fits chronologically in the set. My biggest pet peeve with a greatest hits package is when you have something similar to the following example:

The band has five albums out. They release a greatest hits that includes songs from their first four albums. No problem. The "new" songs were recorded after the fifth album, and thus become a "hit" after the fifth album singles. Chronologically, it's off. It gets even worse when there's more than one album in between the span of the collection and the release date.

Groucho 06-15-04 09:48 AM

"Don't Stand So Close to Me '84" -- The Police

Michael Corvin 06-15-04 09:59 AM

It is always a case of one but not the other:

Aerosmith: Big Ones - Blind Man, but not Walk on Water
Van Halen: GHv.1 - Me Wise Magic, but not Can't get that stuff no more

I think record companies only need one of the songs to be a hit to push album sales. Then just don't bother with the second. GH discs are just filler between studio efforts most of the time. They milk the one single until the next album is due out.

NEW BALTIMORE 06-15-04 05:38 PM

cool madonna, I new there had to be somebody else. Thank you

Numanoid 06-15-04 07:16 PM

Billy Joel also scored the double hit with "You're Only Human" and "The Night Is Still Young", the two new tracks on his Billy Joel - Greatest Hits Vol. 1-2 album.

bigjim25 06-16-04 11:09 PM

ZZ Top - Viva Las Vegas & Gun Love
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (Gr. Hits Live) Get Over It, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Learn To Be Still & The Girl From Yesterday (all radio hits)

Brain Stew 06-17-04 08:18 AM

R.E.M.'s Bad Day was a minor hit of their new greatest hits album.

Spiderbite 06-17-04 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Groucho
"Don't Stand So Close to Me '84" -- The Police
Probably the worst remake by the original band I have ever heard. I was so pissed when I bought that greatest hits so long ago & it did not inlcude the original version on it. Luckily they have since rectified that with the last greatest hits.

DRG 06-17-04 03:01 PM

No Doubt's new hits package has one new song, the cover of Talk Talk's "It's My Life", which has turned out to be one of their more successful songs.

Decker 06-17-04 10:29 PM

Billy Joel - "While the Night is Still Young" (I never liked it, but turned into a big hit).

Bruce Springsteen - "Secret Garden", rescued from semi-obscurity by Cameron Crowe who made it the love theme for Jerry Maguire

Fleetwood Mac - "As Long As You Follow". A minor hit.

The Eagles - "Hole in the World" - Dreadful, dreadful song. Witnessed a mad rush to the restroom when they played in in concert last year. But still, most fans will take any new Eagles they can get and this has been it for a decade.

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