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MurraySiskind 06-13-04 01:08 AM

I saw David Byrne live tonight
If anyone is interested, David Byrne is on tour and is putting on one helluva great show. I saw him tonight in atlanta and was blown away. He's touring with a small string sectioin, a percussion guy, a drummer and a bass player. I knew I would love the show but i didn't expect the crowd to be so into it. The people in the seats were up and dancing and singing and of course those of us on the floor were going nuts. He does play some talking heads stuff if that's all you know of him, but his solo stuff is great as well. It was a wonderful night.

Hollowgen 06-13-04 02:50 AM

great! any idea of a setlist? highlights?

atlantamoi 06-13-04 08:00 AM

Murray, how was the opening act? We almost went to this show.

whynotsmile 06-13-04 11:37 AM

sweet! hes playing my small local theater. 45 bucks though....hmmmmmmmm so if i see the cure at the curiosa festival, i can take the train back to ventura, see david bryne, then violent femmes the next day, then flogging molly! holy crap!

MurraySiskind 06-13-04 11:54 AM

His setlists have been pretty consistent from show to show. I don't remember the list exactly but this is the list from a previous show and I know he played all of these songs though maybe in a different order.

Glass, Concrete, & Stone
I Zimbra
The Other Side of this Life
The Man who Loved Beer
Naive Melody- This Must Be the Place
Road to Nowhere
Once in a Lifetime
Un Di Felice
Tiny Apocalypse
Psycho Killer
U.B. Jesus
Like Humans Do
The Great Intoxication
What a Day that Was
First Encore:
Desconocido Soy
Life During Wartime
Second Encore:

What was especially cool was that they had lighting similar to Stop Making Sense. For certain songs they had a light that was on the stagefloor right behind him, so there was a mask on his face and on the ceiling you could see his shadow dancing around. There were alot of highlights but my favorite part was probably What a Day That Was. I was about three rows from the stage and was loving it but it wasn't until the end of that song that i realized just how much everyone else was into it. After that song I looked behind me and everyone in the seats were standing and cheering. The ovation lasted for likely three minutes or so, byrne would try and go on but the crowd was going nuts and he grinned in spite of himself. He was very personable and playful the whole night.

i enjoyed the opening act though the crowd got a little restless. There was a section of the crowd that was hammered before she even came on so they were less than patient with a lot of ambient organ sounds and singing in a foreign language. her name is Juana Molina. oh and the coolest part was that byrne came out onto the stage to introduce her.

fallow 06-13-04 12:16 PM

DAMN. I didn't realize that Juana Molina is touring with him; I should've gone to one of those 3 DC dates.

Hollowgen 06-13-04 03:16 PM

thanks for the rundown. it's only $32 here in August. i'm there.

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