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Chim 06-10-04 01:12 AM

failure - fantastic planet

mgbfan 06-10-04 01:36 AM

Give Muse a try if you haven't already. Looks like they might fit in with your tastes nicely.

lordzeppelin 06-10-04 09:03 PM

Check out Elysian Fields www.blackacres.net

And for the love of all that is music...stay away from Belle and Sebastian. I've heard cats **** with more rhythm than that crap.

Rival11 06-10-04 10:08 PM

I reccomend not straying too far off of what you like (because if you do you may find yourself saying "what the hell was I thinking!!").

I reccomend some tracks from The Vines:

The Winning Days album:

TV Pro

The Highly Evolved album:

Get Free
Autum Shade

Give them all a shot.

Mr. Kite! 06-11-04 12:45 AM

As you have a bit of rock in that list, I think you'd like PJ Harvey. She writes some great rock songs. She always comes up with different stuff. Check out any of her stuff. "Is This Desire?" might be called the least rocking record of her's...still good though. There's also an English band called The Beatles that I'm sure you'd like. They wrote some of the best rock songs ever. Definitely check them out.

fallow 06-11-04 08:37 AM

Originally posted by lordzeppelin
And for the love of all that is music...stay away from Belle and Sebastian. I've heard cats **** with more rhythm than that crap.
If yr gonna criticize, at least do it over something real.

SomeVoices 06-19-04 04:30 AM

Originally posted by Chim
failure - fantastic planet
There you go! Probably my favorite album ever.

King Jaspo 06-21-04 11:59 AM

Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Porcupine Tree - In Abstentia
Sterolab - Margerine Eclipse

maxfisher 06-22-04 10:50 AM

From the tastes you have listed, I'll go ahead and vote for two that have already been mentioned:
Muse - Absolution
The Doves - The Last Broadcast
Given what you say you like, I'm 99% sure you'd thoroughly enjoy both of these albums.

DamingR 07-06-04 10:12 AM

So, what did you decide to get? Any hits or misses?

The World is Square 07-06-04 11:47 PM

Wow. You seem to have nearly exactly the same musical taste as I do. Every band you listed that I've heard are some of my favorites, so I'll be taking all of these suggestions as well. Here are a few definate albums and some individual songs, if you don't wanna commit to downloading/buying the entire record, you may wanna take into consideration.

Muse - Origin of Symmetry I agree that you'd probably like Muse, but disagree with everyone else's recommendation of Absolution first. I love Absolution as well and recommend that as well if you like Origin, but most Muse fans agree that Origin is a little fresher and more groundbreaking. Their weirdness and experimentation with sound vaguely reminds me Radiohead, but they're more like the Mars Volta. It's kind of a mix of classical, rock, and psychedelic music. Individual songs: Newborn, Citizen Erased

The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium A blend of hard and psychedelic rock which hasn't been picked up widely yet. Very exciting and experimental. I wouldn't dare compare them to Pink Floyd, but in my eyes they fit into a general category together. Individual songs: Son et Lumiere, Inertitiac ESP, Roulette Dares

The Shins - Oh, Inverted World and Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News I also agree with most that the Shins rock, but this album's a bit better, IMO. They have a garage rock sound somewhat similar to the Strokes, but are a bit pop rock like Badly Drawn Boy. If you want more indie-rock try this. Individual songs: New Slang, Caring is Creepy. Modest Mouse has just recently gained popularity and have the same sort of garage/indie style. You may have heard their song "Float On" on the radio or MTV, but that doesn't make it any less worthy. My current new flavor. Individual songs: Float On, Bukowski, The View

Tori Amos Any album by Tori is amazing, and she's actually become at least one of my top 5 favorite artists. I rarely get into female musicians, save Aimee Mann, Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and maybe Garbage; but Tori's style is so different and moving that she's broken that barrier. She's like Fiona (who I also highly recommend) but twisted. I'd at least try out the first 3 or 4 of the following and keep going further if you find it's your thing:
Raspberry Swirl
Cornflake Girl
Precious Things

She also does a really amazing electronica song "Blue Skies" with BT.

I have many more that I haven't listed and may later if I've the attention span. Reply if this is your sort of thing.

xmiyux 07-07-04 09:42 AM

For some rap i would recommend Deltron 3030. It is definately different in that the whole album is one story (a space opera set in the future) so because of that many of the songs have a very different sound. Great album that i played constantly for many months until my wife got sick of it ;)

angryyoungman 07-07-04 11:45 AM

One site that's good for "recommended if you like" is CMJ New Music Monthly magazine's website:


But the best independent music review website I've seen, by far, is Pitchfork:


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