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deadlax 05-29-04 04:10 PM

What's your Wilco Mix?
1. Misunderstood
2. I Must be High
3. Pot Kettle Black
4. Venus Stop the Train
5. Too Far Apart
6. Jesus, Etc.
7. Hesitating Beauty
8. ELT
9. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
10. In a Future Age
11. Theologians
12. Nothingsevergonnastand...
13. Via Chicago
14. One by One
15. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
16. Poor Places (YHF Demo)
17. Wishful Thinking
18. Passenger Side
19. How to Fight Loneliness
20. Reservations

Mix is actually missing four of my favorite songs. The Lonely 1, At Least that's what you said, Ashes of American Flags, and Monday. But these 20 have a great flow.

CapRockBrewingCo. 05-29-04 08:00 PM

Keeping it at 20 is tough. I usually do my mix CDs chronologically so:

1) I Must Be High
2) Casino Queen
3) That's Not the Issue
4) Far, Far Away
5) Outta Site (Outta Mind)
6) Outta Mind (Outta Site)
7) Forget The Flowers
8) Someday Soon
9) The Lonely 1
10) Red-Eyed Blue
11) California Stars
12) One Hundred Years From Now (From the Gram Parsons Trubute CD)
13) A Shot in the Arm
14) How to Fight Loneliness
15) My darling
16) Pieholden Suite
17) In A Future Age
18) Joe DiMaggio Done it Again
19) War on War
20) I am Trying to Break Your Heart

Penny Lane 05-30-04 09:52 AM

I've tried to do this before and nearly went out of my mind. I'll try it again, though. :D

01. Pick up the Change
02. I Thought I Held You
03. Misunderstood
04. Red-Eyed and Blue
05. Say You Miss Me
06. Sunken Treasure
07. Dreamer in My Dreams
08. California Stars
09. Hesitating Beauty
10. Remember the Mountain Bed
11. She's a Jar
12. Via Chicago
13. I am Trying to Break Your Heart
14. Jesus, etc.
15. Poor Places
16. Handshake Drugs (EP version)
17. Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
18. Hummingbird
19. Theologians
20. Late Greats

That's a tough list to make. I want to change it already. :)

schizopak 06-01-04 09:40 PM

no one put Radio Cure in their mix?

deadlax 06-01-04 09:59 PM

Well, as they are my personal favorite, I could have had a three disc mix easily, with no song ever being skipped. But a mix has to be 1 CD. You can see everyone's favorite albums though, as evident throgh the song selections.

By the way, the Chicago Wilco shows were amazing, much more ambient noise than with Leroy. Not better, but different, and I am not disappointed with the new lineup.

Penny Lane 06-01-04 11:03 PM

Venus Stop the Train is a lovely song. I'd much rather hear Jeff Tweedy sing it than Jay Bennett.

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