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DouglasRobert 05-26-04 06:55 PM

Which Pop star will have the most successful movie career?
Since they were romantically involved together, who do you think will have the most successful movie career?

Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake?

Troy Stiffler 05-26-04 07:28 PM

I'm amused that they have both stayed in. They dodged the "Right Said Fred Territory". But I don't see either one making big movies.

Kinyo 05-26-04 08:05 PM

Even though they will both probably fail I think Britney has a better chance of having a successful career in movies than Justin.

DVDho78DTS 05-26-04 08:15 PM

Justin has a supporting role in the upcoming 2005 film Edison. It will also have Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J, & Dylan McDermott. We shall see how well he can really act.


Personally, I think neither will have a respectable career.

Charlie Goose 05-26-04 08:25 PM

Britney Spears has already proven herself to be a terrible actress (or actor if you prefer), now we'll just have to wait and see about Timberlake.
Of course, lack of skill does not necessarily preclude a successful career, but I don't think Spears will be able to break out of the public perception of her to portray a different character.

Drexl 05-26-04 09:11 PM

Why only two choices? I would vote for Mandy Moore or Eminem before either of those two.

POWERBOMB 05-26-04 09:21 PM

I predict Timberlake will have a career that rivals Will Smith.

dcprules 05-26-04 09:26 PM

Neither of those two. Spears has been in one movie, and Timberlake really hasn't been in anything (except for a TV movie with Maggie Lawson called Model Behavior from a few years back).

I think the most successful movie career of a pop star will be Mandy Moore. She can act really well, she just needs to pick flicks that can show it.

B.A. 05-26-04 10:07 PM

Neither one will do a whole hell of a lot.

MrX 05-26-04 11:29 PM

Mandy Moore

Fok 05-27-04 11:29 AM

Jessica Simpsion playing Martha Stewart. ;)

renaldow 05-27-04 12:07 PM

What does this have to do with movies?

gcribbs 05-27-04 12:17 PM

I think Britney would do a better job than Justin in the Porn industry so I picked Britney.

We are talking Porn right :)

DRG 05-28-04 08:41 PM

I really haven't Justin "act" other than in MTV Award show skits with Ashton Kutcher, but Britney is pretty terrible.

I agree with those who named Mandy Moore. She may not be a *great* actress yet, but at least she seems to take acting seriously and has so far done a respectable job in her films.

Jessica Simpson will probably never be good in anythign other than comedy, and even that'll only work in short doses (commericals, skits, maybe sitcoms). The reason being she simply can't handle learning all those lines, as witnessed on her show.

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