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Amator 05-01-04 01:27 AM

Songs about unrequited love
I'm drinking and trying to forget someone...I figure the best thing to do is wallow all weekend and start fresh on monday, so that I get everything out of my system.

So far all I have is:

Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me
Beautiful South - Don't Marry Her (F*** Me)
Bjork - I've Seen it All
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities (actually probably most of The Swiss Army Romance)
Elliott Smith - Miss Misery
Evanescence - My Immortal
Kings of Convenience - Winning a Battle, Losing the War
Lifehouse - Everything
Moxy Fruvous - Fly
Radiohead - True Love Waits

That's all I have so far. Thanks for aiding and abetting.

Time for another whisky.

SomeVoices 05-01-04 02:22 AM

I feel for you. I went through something similar just recently as well.

Here's some I can recommend:

Pete Yorn - Lose You
Coldplay - The Scientist
Garbage - Cup of Coffee
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
REM - Find the River
The Smiths - How Soon is Now
The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
Year of the Rabbit - Say Goodbye

custom001 05-01-04 07:34 AM

Aargh, there are soooo many... where to start:

Elliott Smith - "I Didn't Understand"
Matthew Ryan - Basically the entire "May Day" album, especially "Irrelevant"
Pearl Jam - "Black"
Vertical Horizon - "I'm Still Here"
3 Doors Down - "Here Without You"
Dashboard Confessional (GOOD choice, btw) - you name it, e.g. "Rapid Hope Loss", ah, every song will do.
Matchbox20 - "Rest Stop"
Staind - "Outside", "Epiphany", "I's Been A While"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Bodies"

or, if you want to feel better abou yourself, try "Everything Ends" by Slipknot.

These are the ones that just ran through my head, I bet I missed about 1 million. More later.


[email protected] 05-01-04 08:36 AM

Derek and the Dominoes - Layla and other Assorted Love Songs

It's an entire album about unrequited love (recorded when Eric Clapton was deeply in love with his best friend's wife, Patti Harrison).

And I'll second 'Black' by Pearl Jam, the best song of the past 15 years.

EvilConradBain 05-01-04 09:57 AM

Dashboard Confessional "Screaming Infidelities"

Smokey Robinson "Tracks of My Tears"

10cc "I'm not In Love"

Alanis Morissette "Hands Clean"

Billy Bragg "Walk Away Renee"

Jet "Look What You've Done"

Drexl 05-01-04 08:32 PM

Many songs from Chris Isaak, including "Forever Blue" and "Somebody's Crying"
The Band - "It Makes No Difference"
The Tony Rich Project - "Nobody Knows"
The Corrs - "What Can I Do"
John Waite - "Missing You"

Ergyu 05-01-04 08:45 PM

When I'm in that mood I always listen to Pearl Jams Black, Release, Immortality, and Nothing man. Not that they all have to do with that stuff, but I'm pretty sure Black does.

Quite a few Smashing Pumpkins tracks as well. Check out most stuff from Gish and Siamese Dream.

ChristopherS 05-01-04 08:56 PM

The Corrs "No Good For Me" and "Heaven Knows".

BillSD 05-01-04 09:34 PM

"If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield

My ex played this for me and it made me cry for days.

BigPete 05-01-04 10:58 PM

Eminem - Stan

Judge Smails 05-02-04 12:00 AM

Ray Charles - "You don't know me"

Poink 05-02-04 02:54 AM

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I See a Darkness

While I haven't heard EVERY song from the last 5 years, I've heard a damn good share nonetheless... and this has got to one of, if not the best song written since its release in 1999. While it's not neccessarily about a woman, it can/will be if you want it to. Johnny Cash covered it, what more can you ask for?

maxfisher 05-02-04 08:24 PM

Better Than Ezra - "Live Again"

NaturalMystic79 05-02-04 08:37 PM

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
Madonna - The Power Of Goodbye
KoRn - Falling Away From Me
Bush - Let The Cables Sleep
Devo - Whip It
Michael Jackson - Beat It

[email protected] 05-02-04 09:56 PM

Originally posted by NaturalMystic79
Bush - Let The Cables Sleep

Great song, but it's about finding out a good friend has AIDS; nothing to do with unrequited love...

NaturalMystic79 05-02-04 10:10 PM

Originally posted by [email protected]
Great song, but it's about finding out a good friend has AIDS; nothing to do with unrequited love...
DOH! My mind must of wondered. Yes, great song, but wouldn't do jack for you after a break up. On the other hand, "Beat It" will suffice.

fnordboy 05-03-04 12:00 AM

Billy Bragg - The Saturday Boy.

One of the best songs about unrequited love. Ever.

JonTurner 05-03-04 01:58 AM

Pearl Jam - I Got Id (Or I Got Shit depending on the source)

redhenry 05-03-04 03:56 AM

A Good Year For The Roses by Elvis Costello always depresses the shit out of me!


Hiro11 05-03-04 09:29 AM

My all time favorite dumped song:
"Standing in the Rain" by Husker Du

Best Sad Sap but Not Neccessarily Dumped song:
"Hazy Jane I" by Nick Drake

Then I recommend repeatedly blasting loud cock rock like:
"Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake
"Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin
"Foolin'" by Def Leppard

...that will set you straight.

custom001 05-03-04 10:19 AM

Goo Goo Dolls - "Here Is Gone", "It's Over"
God Lives Underwater - "All Wrong", "No More Love", "23" (basically the entire "Empty" album")

TheAllPurposeNothing 05-03-04 11:28 AM

"Two out of Three Ain't Bad" - Meatloaf

wendersfan 05-03-04 11:50 AM

Originally posted by fnordboy
Billy Bragg - The Saturday Boy.

One of the best songs about unrequited love. Ever.

"In the end it took me a dictionary to find out the meaning of 'unrequited'"

Absolutely. The first song I thought of when I saw this thread.

BTW, Bragg was not the original artist to perform "Walk Away, Renee". It was a very popular hit in the late 60s by a band called the Left Banke.

iggystar 05-03-04 12:10 PM

Originally posted by SomeVoices

Garbage - Cup of Coffee

I'm not sure about unrequited love, but if you're trying to forget someone, you could replay "Cup of Coffee" a million times, it gets the feeling just right.

I'm just remembering some of my old breakup/heartbreak songs. I can remember sitting on my floor rewinding, Cry Like This by Blue Room (from the Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack) for hours at a time.

For some R&B tears

One Last Cry - Brian McKnight
I Don't Wanna Cry - Mariah Carey

wendersfan 05-03-04 12:17 PM

You guys realize that, if we end up listing every song written on this subject, this will become the longest thread in the history of the forum. I wouldn't be surprised if 25% of all the songs written in the last century deal with unrequited love. What's next, we list every blues song in E major?

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