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Patman 04-27-04 04:14 PM

The furthest you've travelled to see a band?
I ask this after buying tickets to see a band in Boston, even though I'll have to fly there from Atlanta, solely to see the band, though there's plenty of sight-seeing to do in the afternoons.

Giles 04-27-04 04:19 PM

flew up to Toronto (from DC) with a friend to see the Stereophonics at Lee's Palace. Funny thing was after arriving found out I had left the tickets at home, Ticketmaster Canada was very very nice and sympathic and got us replacement tix. (never in a million years would Ticketmaster (bastards) in the states would ever do this).

antennaball 04-27-04 04:39 PM

From San Marcos (Austin area) to Dallas for the first Summer Sanitarium. That's about my limit.

Gdrlv 04-27-04 04:59 PM

Tough question, I've traveled far and often to see Phish. The furthest has probably been Vegas to Atlanta.

Furthest travel for a band other than Phish...
Pittsburgh to Toronto for Beastie Boys.

auto 04-27-04 05:37 PM

Well, this weekend I will travel from Ypsilanti, Michigan all the way to Indio, California to see a handful of bands play in the desert.

whynotsmile 04-27-04 06:41 PM

jay, its going to be hot as a mo fo there. bring water and sun screen and have some fun. let us know how it is. i'll be jealous. at least ill get a mini CURE fix when i go to see them on leno on friday.

farthest i have traveled? probably 25 miles. no more.

Celtic Bob 04-27-04 06:55 PM

In 2002 i travelled halfway across Canada (NL, to Ont.) to see the Poison,Cinderella,Winger and Faster Pussycat show.
In 2003 I basically did the same when Poison, Vince Neil and Skid Row played London,Ont.
This year doing it again except to goto the 30th Anniversary HELIX show in Brantford.

Link to last years review of the show.

there is a link within that review to 2002's show.

blinkin_winkin 04-27-04 07:33 PM

All of my long, long trips have been for Dave Matthews concerts. I live in Northern Michigan so almost all of my concert adventures are friggen road trips.

I saw DMB in Washington D.C. It was during a family trip around the east so we just planned our vacation around it a little.

I saw DM and Friends in Chicago. I saw DMB near Indianapolis and I'll be doing it again this summer along with Phish.

If Radiohead comes back around again sometime I'll travel to see them. They NEVER play in Michigan. :(

gutwrencher 04-28-04 12:31 AM

about 350 miles to see Jeff Beck and SRV. good thing since Stevie died 2 weeks later.

Buford T Pusser 04-28-04 01:36 AM

500 miles four times.

Brian Wilson

Inspiral Carpets

Material Issue


I've also done a few flown to LA from the midwest to see bands, but I also had business there.

200 miles-

Space (the guy lost his voice and they didn't play plus Mrs. Pusser got food poisoning before the supposed show)

Beach Boys


almost went to the UK to see a tour of theirs when my friends band, Material Issue, was opening for them.

Ergyu 04-28-04 03:21 AM

Portland to Reno for Tool
Portland to Sacramento for Tool
Many times Medford to Portland for NIN, Tool, other bands

vdadlani219 04-28-04 05:31 AM

Los Angeles, CA to Kansas City, MO

for a TapRoot concert. Although the concert was in Lawrence, KS, my friend lived in KC, and I usually head out there once a year. But I did plan my trip out there to coincide with the concert. Does that count? DOES IT?

custom001 04-28-04 05:41 AM

Originally posted by Buford T Pusser

Inspiral Carpets

I never saw them live :(
Lucky you. Were they as great as I think they were?

On topic: About 450 miles from Vienna to Prague to see Pearl Jam since the didn't play in Austria.

Jack's Smirking 04-28-04 09:06 AM

Originally posted by jay77
Well, this weekend I will travel from Ypsilanti, Michigan all the way to Indio, California to see a handful of bands play in the desert.
Change Ypsilanti, Michigan to St. Petersburg, Florida and that could be my answer.

I flew from Tampa Bay to Seattle to see Pearl Jam, but it was for 3 concerts in 4 nights, so it was more than worth it.

fuzzbox 04-28-04 10:00 AM

I planned a vacation to England from Boston, scheduling it around a concert by The Orb. Does that count?

[email protected] 04-28-04 10:06 AM

Do festivals count? I've gone from Boston to San Diego (Street Scene) and Seattle (Bumbershoot) and Austin (SXSW) and New Orleans (Jazz Fest) and many more....

Buford T Pusser 04-28-04 10:44 AM

Originally posted by custom001
I never saw them live :(
Lucky you. Were they as great as I think they were?

On topic: About 450 miles from Vienna to Prague to see Pearl Jam since the didn't play in Austria.

Yes they were great.

We were in NJ visiting my wife's family and saw Material Issue at a club in Asbury Park. We noticed that Inspiral Carpets were going to be there in two weeks so we just had to drive the 1000 mile round trip again to see them. I figured it might be our only chance and I was correct.

We didn't buy a t-shirt and had second thoughts but the sales were closed up. So Mrs. Pusser got the drummer's attention and he gave her one. Then he closed his eyes and leaned forward for a kiss. Cruelly, she said "THANKS!" and ran off.

EvilConradBain 04-28-04 10:52 AM

I saw The Hives in Amsterdam. I actually didn't plan on seeing The Hives I was on a Eurotrip and it just enede up they were playing one of the three days I was going to be there. I saw G-Unit in NY but the tickets were free.

Buford T Pusser 04-28-04 10:54 AM

I almost went to Holland to see Gruppo Sportivo. A friend was house sitting for one of the Grupettes and invited me.

When we found the flight was over $1000 I opted out. :(

oppie1 04-28-04 11:04 AM

Philly to San Fran then down to Santa Barbara to see Pearl Jam

GoVegan 04-28-04 11:15 AM

I planned a vacation around the final James concert - Milwaukee, WI to London, England.

The furthest I've travelled just for a concert was flying from Minneapolis to Denver to see two shows by Johnette Napolitano, the lead singer of Concrete Blonde. Actually, it was flying to Denver, then driving six or seven hours to Albuquerque for a show that night, then driving back to Denver the next day for the other concert. It was definitely worth it.

cdollaz 04-28-04 12:43 PM

Houston to San Antonio

Scot1458 04-28-04 01:40 PM

If GENESIS does a re-union, I'll fly to England.

GuessWho 04-28-04 03:06 PM

90 minute drive.

SnoopDogg 04-28-04 04:30 PM

Only about 350 Miles.

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