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EvilConradBain 04-18-04 07:48 PM

BRMC left their label
Any fans ot there? I really like them "Whatever Happened To Rock and Roll" is a great song.

lostatmidnight 04-19-04 10:07 AM

eh...I had the first two, but recently go rid of each of them...not surprising they left Virgin...I think they were more committed to making "art" than money for the company men. Rifles is a cool tune.

DamingR 04-19-04 11:08 AM

First CD was excellent, latest was forgettable.

birdseye 04-19-04 11:19 AM

Originally posted by DamingR
First CD was excellent, latest was forgettable.
Same here. I loved their first album and couldn't wait for their second album, but it was kind of a letdown. In their press release they said they're going back to basics, whatever that means. Hopefully they've got their issues sorted out and release a great album like the first one.

TripWire 04-19-04 11:35 AM

I liked their first album more spacey and ambient, and then they're like well we learned how to play our instruments better so we aren't hiding under effects as much and turned into garage rock, I hope they find a happy medium now that they're free.

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