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gmal2003 04-15-04 03:55 PM

Buying a guitar or strings (again)
I have an old acoustic guitar at home but the strings are mostly missing or in bad shape. The body of the guitar however seems good (from my standpoint having little knowledge about guitars). I wanna start learning to play so Im thinking about simply buying some new strings instead of a whole guitar because my interest could potentially wane. Is this the best choice and how can I decipher if my guitar is in good enough shape.

Thanx in advance

DVD Josh 04-15-04 04:43 PM

I would be willing to guess that the neck needs to be adjusted, probably could use a fret dressing and a neck clean up. I would reccommend taking it in for a "setup". You should be able to find a store willing to do it for $30-$50. A guitar that plays poorly will make you want to quit.

If you just want to swap the strings, then you can do the following. Clean the neck with some lemon oil (wipe off the excess) and restring it. I'd go with Martin Marquis, but really any brand will do. Get 12s.

palebluedot 04-15-04 04:49 PM

The neck would be the biggest problem on an old guitar if there was just a slight problem with it. Usually on "old" guitars there is no truss rod in the neck to allow you to adjust neck flex. If it doesn't have this it is useless to try and tune it...and even if you could tune it the upper register would be out of tune.

I think your best option would be to take it into a music shop that does repairs and just ask the guy there...they would be able to tell you if it's worth trying to use it.

dpganz 04-15-04 08:42 PM

I'd suggest elixer strings w/ the coating. When you first start playing expect to have some sore fingers until you build up some calluses. I'd expect the coating on the elixers to at least lessen the initial pain.

demonio 04-16-04 12:33 AM

I agree with dpganz about Elixers, they cost more however the tone lasts a lot longer and as he said they lessen the finger pain!

Happy Playin'

beefjerky 04-16-04 03:07 AM

Yeah, taking it into a guitar shop and having a repair guy checking it out would be a good idea. If you're good to go, slap some Elixers or D’Addario EXPs on it and start playing.

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