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Flynn 02-18-04 12:55 PM

Help naming a song!
Okay, you guys are always up to the task...

It's a female artist, and it's on the Michelob commerical where the man and the woman are having a swimming race. The woman beats the man badly and at the end, the man splashes water on her as she flirtaciously eyes him from her seat on the side of the pool before he even gets out of the water.

I believe the prevailing lyric of the song is "Is this Love?"...

Thanks for helping!

fallow 02-18-04 03:16 PM

I don't see yr song on there, but keep an eye on the site linked below.* I feel like I know it. Cake, Bob Marley, and Whitesnake had songs titled "Is This Love?" but I don't know that this is what yr looking for.

*Music from TV Commercials


It usually helps to give us a feel for what kind of song it is. Pop? Country? Punk? Hip-Hop?

Flynn 02-18-04 05:28 PM

Yeah, I'd already checked that site out - it's not there. And, I know all the songs listed above - it's not one of those either. Thanks though. It's a female artist (it's a modern song)... anyone else have any ideas???

Flynn 02-18-04 07:18 PM

I'm disappointed guys! Usually there's an answer within minutes of one of these posts!

the aftermath 02-18-04 08:16 PM

What type of song is it?

Flynn 02-18-04 10:59 PM

It's kind of a latin beat, but very alternative chick sounding. It's pretty sexy sounding actually (or maybe that's just the model who's in the video...)

C_Fletch 02-19-04 02:01 PM

Well, here you are:

It's definately michelob ultra light beer... tag line: "lose the carbs, not the taste."

guy/girl swimming/racing.

there's a feeling in my heart that i can't explain.
is this love?
the look in your eyes i just can't explain.
is this love?
if i lose myself (undistinguishable words here) will you feel the same?
is this love? is this love? is this love? "

This is ALL of the info I can find. unfortuantely it appears to be a song that either:
a) Has yet to eb released by the artist(unlikely)
b) Was made specifically by Michelob for thge commercial(very possible)

All I can say is be patient as this is a very new commercial. Eventually someon will come along and har who is singing it.


C_Fletch 02-19-04 02:02 PM

I did find it:
The commercial is titled "Hard to Get", and the song was written specifically for the commercial. The soloist's name is Cheryl Wilson

Oh well......... :(


Here's her pic. Apparently this is the same lady that sings "It's all inside" for the JCPenney commercials.

Another link:

I emailed Michelob and apparently the song was only created for the commercial and not available for purchase/download.


Flynn 02-20-04 02:32 AM

Hey, thanks a million my friend. That's what i needed to know.

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