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DVD Josh 02-01-04 11:19 PM

What's this Dylan song?
I can't remember much about it. All I can remember is the video, which is in black and white, and has Bob holding up pacards with words on it which he discards as they are sung.

I appreciate the help!

Brain Stew 02-01-04 11:37 PM

Subterranean Homesick Blues

cungar 02-02-04 03:09 PM

You couldn't have seen that. Everyone know MTV invented Music videos in the early 80's.

wendersfan 02-02-04 03:14 PM

I love the bit where he sings the line "Try to be a success", and the card he's holding up reads "SUCK-CESS"

If you're looking to see the video, I think it's part of the D.A. Pennebaker film Don't Look Back.

Andalusia 02-02-04 07:01 PM

And that's none other than Allen Ginsberg walking by at the end.

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