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Dalvin 01-30-04 02:39 PM

Where does this sample come from?
Its by a rap artist, and I heard it on the radio, but I could have sworn it was sampled from some earlier hit. The name of the song is called "Through the Fire", anyone know where the sample comes from?

the aftermath 01-30-04 02:51 PM

Can't help you on the sample, but the name of the song you're talking about is actually called "Through the <b>Wire</b>", by Kanye West.

whaaat 01-30-04 04:19 PM

Chaka Khan - Through The Fire

the aftermath 01-30-04 09:00 PM

Originally posted by whaaat
Chaka Khan - Through The Fire
Ahhh, that answers why at the end of his video he put his hand on a poster of Chaka Khan.

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