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UKingdom 01-23-04 03:46 AM

Why 2 Versions of Santana's "Why Don't You and I?"
I noticed there are two versions of Santana's newest single:

One featuring Chad Kroeger from Nickelback with the vocals, and the other (the music video version) featuring Alex Band from The Calling. Granted, both of these guys have very similar voices (raspy rock voice), so I found it rather odd that he would have a duet of the same song with two different people. Is one version more "official" than the other?

I've seen this trend before with other artists too. Another recent example is Fabolous, who's popular single "I'm So Into You" whose listing on the Billboard charts said "featuring Ashanti OR Tamia" meaning he also recorded 2 versions.

What's your take on all this?

UKingdom 01-23-04 03:56 AM

Ah, got the question answered:

Santana was unable to release the Chad Kroeger version as a single because the record label wouldn't allow it. Santana knew it would be a hit so he got Alex to do it. So the version on Shaman is Chad, while the version on most radio stations is Alex Band from The Calling.

The differences are subtle, but you can definitely notice them. The funny thing is how different people's opinions are. Most seem to prefer the original Chad version (perhaps biased because he wrote it?) but I actually prefer the Radio version.

Any thoughts?

DVD Josh 01-23-04 08:33 AM

Hey UK, that's actually not accurate. Kroger agreed to do the song but only on the condition that he would not participate in the video. Santana tried to get him to reconsider, but he would not (probably for his image as a "hard rocker"). It was Chad who reccommended Alex Band, and they re-recorded it with his vocal.

The label had nothing to do with it.

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