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SAShepherd 01-12-04 04:20 PM

Tracks Magazine -- anybody read the first issue?
I noticed that Amazon is running a special where if you suscribe to Tracks magazine for one year for $20 (6 issues), you can get a $15 Amazon gift certificate. Not bad...

Looking at the list of artists covered in the first issue, it looks a lot like it's up my alley (maybe not the Sting cover story), but that's not necessarily a good thing. I already know that I like R.E.M., or the kids' albums they review, or Kathleen Edwards' "Failer" or the Shins.

What I'm wondering is whether or not the writing is any good. The reviews on Amazon mostly are from 30-somethings who are desperate for any music magazine that doesn't spend its time on Britney, et al. or rap-metal and focus more on the music content than on the writing content. If the writing isn't any good, then I don't need this magazine.

Anyway, any thoughts on the first issue? Thanks in advance.

Hollowgen 01-13-04 01:18 AM

haven't read it, but it looks like it might be interesting, provided they don't cover michael bolton, kenny g, et al.

The Antipodean 01-13-04 12:03 PM

I flipped through it at a store and it just didn't grab me, the layout was uninspired and the writing seemed a bit bland - but that's just me, my current fave music magazine is Blender if that gets you an idea of my own tastes. I like a lot of the music Tracks is covering but the approach seemed a bit dull for me.

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