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anglagard 01-12-04 02:07 PM

Rumor about a possible new Led Zeppelin DVD in the works
Let me say from the beginning I have no clue whether any of this is true or not. The source is your classic "I know a guy who knows a guy who says...", but I thought diehard Zeppelin fans like myself might be interested in hearing this (even if the info might be "shaky"). Anyway, word is the "Led Zeppelin DVD" sold so well that a sequel is in the works. Reportedly will be another 2 DVD set, the first disc will be the complete Madison Square Garden show with no dream sequences or edits, just the straight show. The second disc will include the rest of the Earls Court and Knebworth footage not included in the first DVD release. Also scattered throughout the set will be various bootleg and 8mm footage.

Like I said, this would be great if true, but the info might be total bull****. If anyone here at the forum has any info, I'd love to hear it.

cdollaz 01-12-04 03:00 PM

That would be really silly if you had to buy 2 different releases just to get an entire show pieced together.

Josh H 01-12-04 03:04 PM

That would be an awesome release IMO.

Rypro 525 01-12-04 05:56 PM

i thought page was ashamed of the msg footage, since they played so bad and it was as close as they came to selling out.

Hollowgen 01-13-04 01:14 AM

i don't buy it...

DVD Josh 01-13-04 11:12 AM

Weren't there entire Zep shows that were only like 30 min versions of 6 songs?

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