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funkymonk 01-05-04 04:49 AM

New John Frusciante CD--Shadow Collide With People--2/24/04
I'm shocked the news isn't already on this board but here it is....(by the way John Frusciante is the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The date is set: John's forthcoming solo album (with guest appearances by Flea, Chad, Josh Klinghoffer) "Shadows Collide With People", will be released February 24th (North America) / February 23rd (world) 2004!

from www.johnfrusciante.com

mkdevo 01-05-04 09:58 AM


Drop 01-07-04 07:40 PM

Oh hell yea. Known about it for a while but not a big poster here, glad to see some others are his fans. I can't wait. I hear it's gunna be really different than any of his other albums.

If you guys can't wait for this new stuff, if you search around you can find his songs off the Brown Bunny soundtrack. It's some of the best music I ever heard, too bad it's a Japan release only.

Drop 02-19-04 09:22 PM

Bump, the album has leaked, of course I've listened to it (right this moment actually), and I can't wait to purchase it Tuesday.

Oh, and it's the greatest thing I've ever heard. Josh Klinghoeffer(sp?) does some great backup vocals, too.

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