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Giantrobo 12-26-03 09:17 PM

Did anyone see the RUSH special on VH1C Friday morning?
I saw it at work this morning. Was this a repeat? From a video?

They showed the "Show of Hands" concert from beginning to end and then about an hour's worth of Rush vids and recent interviews with Lee and Lifeson.

astrochimp 12-26-03 11:26 PM

Would have loved to have seen that but i dont get that channel here :(

Lateralus 12-27-03 08:14 AM

I knew about it, I would have loved to see it but I don't have that channel either. But I'm glad to see VH-1 finally giving some respect to Rush!

raiders757 12-27-03 10:37 AM

I don't have VH1 Classic either. Wish I could have seen it, and don't see any reason why they couldn't have shown that on the regular VH1. What, is RUSH not good enough for VH1? It's a shame that the truely good music in this world gets the 2nd class treatment, while fluff, and utter crap get the red carpet. This Rush-a-thon should have been on regular VH1 during prime time viewing hours, so it could reach more fans.

Dubya 12-27-03 11:24 AM

I recall seeing it on VH1C last spring/summer a time or two.

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