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beefjerky 12-15-03 02:37 AM

Vice City/80's Song

Does anyone know what song plays during the flash intro for that site?

Rogue588 12-15-03 02:58 AM

<center>track 10 on volume 7

"Expansions" Lonnie Liston Smith

'sides this, he's done some other great instrumentals..


beefjerky 12-15-03 03:31 AM

I don't think that's the song. To hear a longer version of the song in the flash intro, click the August Trailer under Movies.

Rogue588 12-15-03 04:39 AM

<center>uhhh....what I meant to say was

track 12 on volume 6

"Summer Madness" Kool & the Gang

back when they were funky..


yeah...that's what I meant...:p

You should still check out Lonnie Liston Smith ;)</center>

beefjerky 12-15-03 05:27 AM

Thanks for your help! This song makes Vice City feel even more stylish.

That Lonnie Liston Smith song is great too.

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