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Music Talk Discuss music in all its forms: CD, MP3, DVD-A, SACD and of course live

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Old 11-17-03, 09:41 AM   #1
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Moby 18 DVD & B-Sides

Didn't see any mention of this coming out except for a listing in the November new release thread. Here are the details, straight from Moby himself:


I'm putting out a dvd on November 17th. So if you'll forgive the shamelss self-promotion, let me tell you about it...

There's 6 hours of material on the dvd, including a 90 minute Glastonbury live performance, all of the videos from '18', a bunch of really dumb comedy sketches that I've made, a 90 minute megamix of the remixes from '18', 90 minutes of unreleased songs and demos, every photograph that i've taken in the last 2 years, and a bonus disc containing the b-sides from '18'. In other words, a lot of stuff.

" It's good, if I do say so myself. Mr. Fish comes back, but now he's a star and you'll meet a whole bunch of new people, like Yevgeny the Tjakijistani juice salesman and some bad student film from "Eustace Tuba" who is an aspiring bad student filmmaker from somewhere in Europe, who also happens to be me. Not to mention my nervous American's guide to a Tokyo hotel room and lots more. But, I've said too much already.


And the tracklisting:

Moby's TV Show:
includes exclusive and personal video footage plus the following promo videos

We Are All Made of Stars
In This World
Jam For The Ladies
Extreme Ways
Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)

Moby Live at Glastonbury (29.06.03)
Natural Blues
Another Woman
Find My Baby
In This World
In My Heart
Bring Back My Happiness
We Are All Made of Stars
Why Does My Heart Fell So Bad?
Jam For The Ladies
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Feeling So Real


Outtakes and Bonus Songs (Audio only)
Megamix (Audio only)

Bonus CD - 18 B-Sides
Love of Strings
String Electro
Soul To Love
Piano & Strings
Horse & Carrot
Life's So Sweet
Outtakes and Bonus Songs:

Song We Made Together in 30 Minutes
Great Escape (Original Demo)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Original Slow Version)
E2D (Outtake From Play)
Guitar and Flute (Original Demo)
18 (Original Demo)
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Original Demo)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Slow Synth Mix)
KR (Outtake From Play)
Flatlands (B-Side Outtake From 18)
Cunning (B-Side Outtake From 18)
Waiting (Outtake From 18)
641 (B-Side Outtake From 18)
Extreme Ways Live (Rough Bootleg Mix)
Say My Name (Recorded In My Bathroom With One Mic)
So Far Gone (Outtake From 18)
Tower (B-Side Outtake From 18)
Girl Bed (B-Side Outtake From 18)


In This World (Push Vocal Club Mix)
Extreme Ways (DJ Tiesto's Instrumental Mix)
Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) (West London Deep Club Mix)
In This World (Slackers's Rain Before Carnival Mix)
We Are All Made Of Stars (DJ Tiesto's Full Vocal Remix)
In My Heart (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Jam For The Ladies (Nevins Reggae Dub Banger)
Extreme Ways (John Creamer + Stephane K Remix)
In This World (ATFC's Southern Fried Vocal)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Timo Maas Dub Mix)
Jam For The Ladies (Voodoo Child Remix)
In My Heart (Sean Tyas Misses Twilo Mix)

For only $12 tomorrow at Best Buy, this is a must purchase for me. I really enjoyed the DVD for Play.
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Not that you care...
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Old 11-17-03, 01:23 PM   #2
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This looks like a great set. I can't wait to pick it up. What's strange is that one of the b-sides from the Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) single doesn't seem to be on this set. The song is called And I Know.
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Old 11-17-03, 06:52 PM   #3
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i didn't even buy 18, and i've always been a huge moby fan. i don't see the appeal in his commercial-jingle music anymore.
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Old 11-18-03, 02:35 AM   #4
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Holy crap. I didn't like 18 quite as much as Play, but with all the material on this set, there's no way I can pass this up, especially at that price.

I'm sure the comedy sketches will be hillarious just like on the Play dvd as well.
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Old 11-18-03, 07:28 AM   #5
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Heh.. as if today wasn't going to be expensive enough.

I'm picking up Two Towers: EE, Tomb Raider, Tori's new cd, U2's dvd, and now Moby. My wallet is going to hurt.
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Old 11-18-03, 09:36 AM   #6
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wow! looks like the whole Glastonbury 'live' set.
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