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movieking 11-16-03 06:16 PM

John Prine In Concert
Had the chance to see John Prine in concert last night and it was amazing. He played for 2 hours and 45 minutes straight. He is a great entertainer, telling many stories and humorous tales while on stage, as well as singing those amazing songs that he wrote.

It is easy to forget all of the great songs that he has written, so it was great to be able to hear him perform them all (well most of them) last night. I really liked the fact that most of the concert was just him and his guitar. It is great to go to a concert and not have the vocals be overpowered by the music.

If you have a chance to see him in concert, trust me: go see him!

Geofferson 03-30-20 10:20 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert
Only John Prine thread I could find. The update below went out on social media yesterday. Sending prayers and positive thoughts his way...

Three Day Delay 04-01-20 06:06 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert
I have a very long story behind this, but John Prine and I are friends. We were not close enough that he would recognize me.

I was introduced to him at a house party, I was literally shaking. I told my date "I can't meet him, that;s John fucking Prine." He invited me over for drinks, and we played a few rounds of golf, and he's just a dude,

Geofferson 04-01-20 11:37 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert
^ that is awesome. :up: The stories he must have from the time and people he hung out with back in the 70s.

mspmms 04-07-20 08:57 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert

Geofferson 04-07-20 08:58 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert
RIP :(


Coral 04-07-20 09:47 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert
Dang... an artist til the end.

atrium 04-08-20 12:38 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert

mphtrilogy 04-08-20 07:38 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert
Got a chance to see John Prine in concert about 20 years ago, he was amazing.. and was an amazing songwriter, one of the all time greats, and will be greatly missed. RIP John....

rexinnih 04-08-20 09:09 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert
RIP - never had the chance to see him live but appreciated the music.

JackoOnHisBacko 04-09-20 11:47 AM

Re: John Prine In Concert
Prine & Stephen Colbert singing "That's the way the world goes round" back in 2016. They didn't air it on the show, they just uploaded it on 4/1/20 after Prine's Coronavirus news broke.

Decker 04-09-20 03:14 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert

April 9, 2020

Dave Matthews Pays Tribute To John Prine On The Late Show

Dave Matthews is honored to pay a musical tribute to John Prine TONIGHT on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Tune in tonight, April 9th at 11:35 PM ET on CBS. Click here for more information.

dhmac 04-13-20 02:50 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert
Roger Waters pays tribute to John Prine by performing Prine's song "Paradise"

I think this was a live stream on April 12th



When I was a child my family would travel
Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born
And there's a backwards old town that's often remembered
So many times that my memories are worn.

And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away

Well, sometimes we'd travel right down the Green River
To the abandoned old prison down by Airdrie Hill
Where the air smelled like snakes and we'd shoot with our pistols
But empty pop bottles was all we would kill.


Then the coal company came with the world's largest shovel
And they tortured the timber and stripped all the land
Well, they dug for their coal till the land was forsaken
Then they wrote it all down as the progress of man.


When I die let my ashes float down the Green River
Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester dam
I'll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin'
Just five miles away from wherever I am.


Geofferson 06-17-20 01:47 PM

Re: John Prine In Concert
This was put up last week. John's last song which was recorded in his living room. Pretty cool.

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