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Deke Rivers 10-28-02 08:49 AM

Floyd Fans-Pompeii is coming!
just read on The Digital Bits that Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii is finally coming out on DVD in March 2003..also Dark Side will be coming out on DVD audio as well

dom56 10-28-02 10:42 AM

That is great news, finally I can retired my VHS copy. :)

B.A. 10-28-02 11:56 AM

Hallelujah! Thanks Deke, that is excellent news!

Jepthah 10-28-02 03:37 PM

I still don't trust the news (given the source) but the hope makes me go


Because I think this was one of the best things PF ever did, despite its relative obscurity. I'll beam out joy when I hopefully see it on the shelf.

hawk 10-28-02 08:17 PM

i've also heard pulse is coming sometime in the future btw

Deke Rivers 10-21-03 09:33 AM

Floyd at Pompeii-where online?
Thsi thing is being released today but no online store even shows it except bestbuy.com???
WHats up with that?

Brain Stew 10-21-03 09:41 AM



fazeem 10-21-03 04:23 PM

what's the difference between the regular and directors cut?

also even though best buy advertised this there where none in the Portage, MI store. I think this DVD maybe hard to find for the time being.

MJKTool 10-21-03 04:42 PM

I found it at my Best Buy with no problems. They had about 10 copies in the dvd music section.

ike0000 10-22-03 07:45 PM

My Best Buy had quite a few copies as well. Picked it up for $15.

rollnrocker 02-05-04 01:33 PM

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii!!!!
Hey all! I just got the BEST DVD EVAH! Pink Floyd, Live at Pompeii....can we just say its friggin amazing! Sooo much extra behind the scenes footage, shows them practing in Paris and rehearsing Dark Side in the studio....I felt like I was a member of the band I saw so much backstage drama and action. But the best has to be the location...and the fact that its a LIVE show! only the best..anyone else seen it?

Ergyu 02-05-04 02:41 PM

Have you been living in a cave for the last 30 years? Floyd fans have been waiting for this to come out on dvd for ages. We had a pretty long thread dedicated to it back before it came out, last year....when it was released.....in October....

C_Fletch 02-05-04 04:20 PM

Can u believe that I bought this when it can out and have yet to even open it? Shame on me!!! I guess it just went to the top of the list.


benedict 02-05-04 04:21 PM

Re: Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii!!!!
rollnrocker, check out the site mentioned in <A HREF="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=313251" target="_blank">this thread</a>.

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