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ClarkKentKY 09-22-03 03:25 AM

HELP - Anyone with the Maroon5 CD
Probably a stupid question...

Maroon5 - Songs about Jane - Track 2 - This Love

At 1:13 into the song there's a noise that i can only describe as a flutter... It happens 6 times, its off beat, and stops at 1:30. It's only there during the second verse, not during the first verse or the third verse or any of the chorus.

I want to know if anyone else with this disc can hear it? It's such an odd noise, and out of beat, that i can't conceive of someone putting it there on purpose. It's a great song, but i just get distracted by that noise. Anyone else have it, or is my CD jacked up?


ClarkKentKY 09-22-03 12:19 PM

... Anyone? .... Anyone?

[email protected] 09-23-03 12:51 AM

I have it on mine

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