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Phil L. 09-16-03 07:59 PM

Who was the female singer on Leno last night, mon. 9/15? Ness??
Anyone know who the female singer was that appeared on Leno mon. night, 9/15?

I thought he said her last name was Ness? Did not catch the first name.
Also, what was the name of the song she performed?

Rypro 525 09-16-03 08:06 PM

Music - Leona Naess
thats according to his site

Frank TJ Mackey 09-16-03 08:12 PM

Leona Naess does pop music that can be found at AMazon at her mother is Diana Ross and her father is from the rich Naess family.

BDB 09-17-03 11:08 AM

And she apparently, well according to the UK Tabloids hooked up with Affleck after the show.

Penny Lane 09-17-03 05:59 PM

Leona Naess is her name.

She's Norwegian but lives in New York. Her dad is Arne Naess, a big ole shipping tycoon that was married to Diana Ross for 15 years (Diana Ross is not Leona's mother, though).

The new record came out yesterday, and the song you heard on Leno was "Calling."

She's actually most famous for being Ryan Adams' fiance, but he cheated on her with/dumped her for Parker Posey.

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