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C-Mart 09-01-03 02:40 AM

Please help me Name that Tune?
Tune:bgmusic.mp3 - Almost 3MB


My grandfather passed away a few weeks ago and I am putting together a photo CD showing photos from his life. My father had an example on VHS and wanted the music that they had used. I recorded the song by plugging the VCR audio out directly into the computer... but as you may hear in the file, the highs are off the scale and are really distorted. I was wondering if anyone could identify the song, or provide an mp3 or wav (preferably mp3 as it is a much faster download). As for the piracy rules here, I hope you don't lock the thread, this is not for profit or anything like that... and if the only way that I can get the song is by buying a CD then I will.

I have a faint idea that it may be Kenny G, as there is a sax solo towards the end, but I am far too unfamiliar with this type of music, so I could be wrong. I don't want to stereotype all sax music as Kenny G either, and even if I am right, I don't know the exact song.

Feel free to contact me via my email.

Thanks to anyone who can help me. I am hoping that the song is identified on the VHS that my dad has, but I have to wait until morning to call him and check it. Thanks again!

(Ok, its completely uploaded now)

HN 09-01-03 05:52 AM

Dying Young Original Soundtrack
Track #13 - I'll Never Leave You
Kenny G/James Newton Howard



The Edit King 09-01-03 01:54 PM

What a song!

That's beautiful, C-Marty!

When it's all said and done, Memories are all we really have left, and what a great way to capture them by making this memorial CD for your Grandpa. :up:

I can only hope someone will be as thoughtful for me, when I "Cross that Great River"...

We'd like you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of reflection.

Paul & Treesa.

P.S. Great work, HN! :up:

C-Mart 09-01-03 01:58 PM

Thanks HN! Now I can finish up.

Edit King: Thanks for the thoughts. I appreciate it.

C-Mart 09-01-03 06:42 PM

Thanks again!

I had to combine the main theme and I'll Never Leave You to make the music long enough for the slide show (60 slides at 7 seconds each). Again, I really appreciate the help!

If I end up making a website for this (a very real possibility) then I'll post a link here. Thanks again.


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