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pumpkinette 08-26-03 05:07 PM

Mary J. Blige"Love & Life"
Has anyone got the new Mary J Blige cd yet?

I want to get it, but I want to know if it's good or not. Lemme know all your opinions.

dasmooth1 08-27-03 01:43 PM

real good, best one since 411...best buy has it for $10

pumpkinette 09-02-03 12:19 PM

Awesome... Thanks for the reply.

Rogue588 09-02-03 01:05 PM


slow down there skippy..

it's okay. but it suffers from Puffy-itis..the beats are reminiscent of past Puffy joints and the only thing that separates it from those tracks are Mary's vocals.

besides, everyone knows the album to judge ALL future Mary album is My Life...THAT is a classic*..

* Yes, I know it was produced by Puffy also...

Dean Walsh 09-02-03 07:21 PM

Some of the tracks actually remind me alot of 411 Mary joints (not necessarily a bad thing). My favourite track at the moment though has got to be Love At First Sight... seriously bangin'.

the aftermath 09-03-03 05:02 PM

Eh.. Didn't like Love at first sight since it jacked the beat to one of my favorite hiphop songs. I ordered Love and Life anyway.

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