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Original Desmond 08-25-03 05:19 AM

What i would like to see Become LAW
You know what i'd like to see become law ?

Whenever a music artist re-records a song or steals the prominent backbeat from a song, then they have to include the original song on the same Cd single or if the re-recorded song just appears on the album, then it must be included on the album

I am really really really getting sick of these dancey or rappy re recorded songs which pale miserable compared to the original and all the kids of today think they are new songs !

e.g. Ja Rule's song which uses the Toto - Africa backbeat


the terrible dance version of Tasmin Archer's Sleeping Satellite

As i've got older this has become more and more annoying because now i can remember all the original songs clearly !

Original Desmond 08-28-03 03:33 AM

no one else likes me idea ?

cungar 08-28-03 04:09 PM

Who cares?

fallow 08-28-03 04:14 PM

Don't they already have liner notes that give credit to the original artists? I also stand by the idea that sampling does not equal stealing. I assume you are just exaggerating, though.

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