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The Antipodean 08-14-03 07:08 PM

Johnny Cash box set of "American Recordings" extras coming
Saw this on www.billboard.com. ...Freaking awesome in my opinion, Cash's four "American Recording" CDs to date rank with some of the best work of his career, amazing originals and cover songs -- the thought of a whole box set of new goodies makes me :drool: I'm saving my pennies now! Great to see Cash carrying on despite all the hardship he's had lately. :D

Exclusive: Cash's 'American' Outtakes 'Unearthed'

A new Johnny Cash box set collecting more than 100 outtakes from the country legend's work over the past decade with Rick Rubin is being prepared by the celebrated producer for a possible Christmas release through American/Lost Highway.

Tentatively titled "Unearthed," the collection will most likely span five discs, four of which will be composed entirely of previously unreleased material, Rubin reveals to Billboard.com. The fifth disc would be a compilation of tracks highlighting past four Cash studio albums, each recorded and produced by Rubin for his American Recordings label.

Rubin says over the past 10 years, he and Cash have amassed roughly 150 unused songs, including many covers and duets with the likes of Nick Cave and Fiona Apple, both of whom appeared on Cash's 2002 album "American IV: The Man Comes Around."

The first three discs of "Unearthed," he says, will be composed of assorted leftovers, while the fourth disc will be an acoustic gospel album titled "My Mother's Hymn Book."

Among the songs slated for inclusion is a duet with late Clash frontman Joe Strummer on Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," which will most likely also feature guitar work by Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave); a cover of Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" featuring Apple; and a take on "Cindy Cindy" that features Cave.

Of the latter, written by Ben Weisman, Buddy Kaye and Darrell Fuller and recorded by Elvis Presley, Rubin says, "It's an old song from the '50s that Nick actually suggested and Johnny knew well. I had never heard it before, but it's really good."

Cash and Rubin are also moving right along on the singer's next American album. "He's planning on coming [to Los Angeles] in September to take all the bits and pieces that we've worked on over the last two years and kind of flesh them out and finish them." Among the songs being considered for the effort is Ian & Sylvia's "Four Strong Winds" which Neil Young covered on his 1978 acoustic classic, "Comes a Time."

After the May death of his wife and longtime performance companion, June Carter Cash, the 71-year-old Cash has not only poured himself into work, but devoted the rest of his life to his music. "He kind of made a decision," Rubin says. "He called me a couple of days after June passed and said that he really has dedicated his life to work and wants to be busy all the time and focused on songs. That's what he wants to do, so that's what we're going to do [and] that's what we've been doing."

Rubin also notes that Cash, who suffers from diabetic neuropathy -- a disease of the nervous system that leaves its victims susceptible to pneumonia -- is doing well these days, physically. "He's been really getting very healthy, and walking more and kind of really seems to be doing better than he has in years."

Cash's work with Rubin essentially reignited his career in the early '90s (especially in the U.S.), thanks to the producer's stripped-back, simple approach to the material. Many of their early recordings featured only Cash's voice against his acoustic guitar work on such covers as Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" and Beck's "Rowboat."

"He'll send me songs, I'll send him songs," Rubin says. "In Nashville, he'll put down tracks, and then we either redo them out here or sometimes I'll go to Nashville to work with him there. It's kind of a constant work-in-progress, and we're always working on something now."

-- Wes Orshoski, N.Y.

Numanoid 08-15-03 09:36 AM

:thumbsup: Excellent!

Mutley Hyde 08-15-03 09:36 AM

Sounds cool. I never managed to pick these up in the past, but have heard most of the material. I'll probably have to get in on this deal. :up:

PalmerJoss 08-15-03 10:17 AM

Awesome. I've only been getting into Johnny Cash slowly over the past couple years and I'm itching for some more material. Count me in! :thumbsup:

Brain Stew 08-15-03 10:28 AM

Re: Johnny Cash box set of "American Recordings" extras coming

Originally posted by Sierra Disc
Among the songs slated for inclusion is a duet with late Clash frontman Joe Strummer on Bob Marley's "Redemption Song,"
Must. Get. Box.

scarredgod 08-15-03 12:34 PM

More Nick Cave with Johnny Cash, im very excited. I loved the duet of "Im So Lonesome I Could Cry" and "Cindy Cindy" is a pretty cool song. i would love if there was some version of "The Mercy Seat" with Nick Cave sharing vocals with Johnny Cash.

majorjoe23 08-15-03 01:06 PM

After hearing Cash do "In My Life," and knowing how could he is at doing darker songs, I would love to hear his version of the Beatles' "Run For Your Life."

C_Fletch 08-15-03 01:31 PM

Count me in!! Picked up a 3-disc set a few years ago and have not looked back. The guy is simply amazing. Sounds like the covers that he is doing are going to be great.........Hurt....anyone?

FrankGrimes 08-15-03 11:28 PM

This is great. I have actually sat and thought about how cool it would be if they would do this, and I'm so glad that it looks like it will happen...

nazz 08-22-03 06:27 PM

Count me in .... fantastic news. Also great to hear that Johnny's health is better recently.

Matt 09-14-03 05:10 AM

I figured, with the recent unfortunate news of Cash's passing, that this thread deserved a bump, for those who may be interested in buying some of his recent albums.

I'll add that I hope that plans for this release are still ongoing--it sounds like it might be really interesting, and I'd hate to see it shelved because of Johnny's death.

The Antipodean 09-14-03 01:15 PM

According to billboard.com, this release is still on, although it might be pushed back a little bit to allow them to rework it some. I'm more eager to see this than ever now, what a fine capstone to his career it will present. Think shelving it would be the last thing Cash or anyone else would want...

Cash and producer Rick Rubin had been working on a box set that may see release before Christmas. ....

The previously unreleased material will come from recording sessions for the four "American Recordings" albums Cash released over the past decade. It's also possible that more recently recorded fare could make the set, as Rubin told Billboard.com last month he and Cash had began working on songs after his wife, June Carter Cash, died in May.


bigjim25 10-22-03 08:42 PM

10/22/03 - Cash's 'Unearthed' Box Set - from <A HREF="http://www.billboard.com/bb/daily/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=2008104">BILLBOARD</A>-- Barry A. Jeckell, N.Y.

A sprawling five-disc Johnny Cash box set will arrive Nov. 25 from American Recordings/Lost Highway. Dubbed "Unearthed," the set features 79 songs, 64 of them previously unreleased and produced by Rick Rubin during the late country great's sessions for his four "American Recordings" albums released between 1994 and 2002.

Rubin first unveiled plans for the set exclusively to Billboard.com in August. Cash died Sept. 12 from complications related to diabetes at the age of 71.

The first three discs feature such finds as solo acoustic versions of "Long Black Veil" and "Flesh and Blood," and covers of Steve Earle's "Devil's Right Hand," Roy Orbison's "Down the Line" and the Neil Young songs "Heart of Gold" and "Pocahontas."

Discs two and three boast several duets, some with old friends and others with newer acquaintances. On the veteran side, Cash's former Sun Records labelmate Carl Perkins joins him for a run through the familiar "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" while his bandmate in the Highwaymen, Willie Nelson, shows up on "Like a Soldier." Glen Campbell sings with Cash on "Gentle on My Mind."

Skewing away from his contemporaries, late Clash lead singer Joe Strummer joins Cash on a version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" and Tom Petty appears on "The Running Kind." Fiona Apple also sings "Father and Son" with him and Nick Cave joins in on "Cindy."

Of the Strummer duet, Rubin told Billboard.com, "When we were recording [Cash's 2002 album] 'The Man Comes Around,' Joe was coming every day, because he loved Johnny Cash, and he just happened to be in L.A. on vacation. He actually extended his trip a week longer just to come every day and be around Johnny."

A solo version of "Redemption Song" also appears on Strummer's new album, "Streetcore" (Hellcat/Epitaph). "Originally, the song was supposed to be a duet, and we recorded it as a duet. But, just in case, both Johnny and Joe sang the whole song several times," Rubin explained, noting that the track was nearly complete ("It wasn't mixed, but most of the overdubs were there") before Strummer died suddenly in December.

The fourth "Unearthed" disc is subtitled "My Mother's Hymn Book," and is comprised of 15 songs from a book of hymns Cash's mother read to him as a child. Via solo acoustic performances, the deeply spiritual artist revisits such secular songs as "I Shall Not Be Moved," "Do Lord," "If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven" and "In the Sweet By and By."

The final disc is a "best of" representation of the four albums Cash released with Rubin at the helm: 1994's "American Recordings," 1996's "Unchained," 2000's "American III: Solitary Man" and last year's "American IV: The Man Comes Around."

"Unearthed" will also include a 104-page clothbound book, suggested retail is $79.98, including a track-by-track discussion by Cash, Rubin and others. Also featured is one of Cash's final interviews, in which he and Rubin talk about the body of work they created.

Here is the "Cash Unearthed" track list:

Disc I - Who's Gonna Cry
Long Black Veil
Flesh & Blood
Just The Other Side
If I Give My Soul
Understand Your Man
Banks Of The Ohio
Two Timing Woman
The Caretaker (fka Who's Gonna Cry)
Chunk Of Coal
I'm Going To Memphis
Breaking Bread
Waiting For A Train
No Earthly Good
The Fourth Man In The Fire
Dark As A Dungeon
Book Review
Down There By The Train

Disc II - Trouble in Mind
I'm A Drifter (Version 1, Heartbreaker version)
Trouble In Mind
Down The Line
I'm Movin' On
As Long As
Heart Of Gold
The Running Kind (with Tom Petty)
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (with Carl Perkins)
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (with Carl Perkins)
T Is For Texas
Devil's Right Hand
I'm A Drifter (Version 2 Flea version)
Like A Soldier (with Willie Nelson)
Drive On (Alt Lyrics)
Bird On A Wire (Live with orchestra)

Disc III - Redemption Songs
Singer Of Songs
The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore
Redemption Song (with Joe Strummer)
Father & Son (with Fiona Apple)
Chattanooga Sugarbabe
He Stopped Loving Her Today
Hard Times
Wichita Lineman
Cindy (with Nick Cave)
Big Iron
Salty Dog
Gentle On My Mind
You Are My Sunshine
You'll Never Walk Alone
The Man Comes Around (Alt take)

Disc IV - My Mother's Hymn Book
Never Grow Old
I Shall Not Be Moved
I Am A Pilgrim
Do Lord
When The Roll
If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven
I'll Fly Away
Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
When He Reached Down
In The Sweet Bye And Bye
I'm Bound For The Promised Land
In The Garden
Softly & Tenderly
Just As I Am

Disc V - Best of Cash on American
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="6"><tr valign="top"> <td>01. Delia's Gone
02. Bird On A Wire
03. Thirteen
04. Rowboat
05. The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)
06. Rusty Cage
07. Southern Accents
08. Mercy Seat
09. Solitary Man
10. Wayfaring Stranger
11. One
12. I Hung My Head
13. The Man Comes Around
14. We'll Meet Again
15. Hurt
01 - 03 "American Recordings" (@1994)
04 - 07 "American II: Unchained" (@1996)
08 - 11 "American III: Solitary Man" (@2000)
12 - 15 "American IV: The Man Comes Around" (@2002)</td> <td>http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.MZZZZZZZ.jpg http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.MZZZZZZZ.jpg http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.MZZZZZZZ.jpg http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0...1.MZZZZZZZ.jpg

</tr> </table>

nazz 10-23-03 12:36 AM

Does anyone know if Pochohantas is a cover of the Neil Young song?

bigjim25 10-23-03 02:06 AM

Originally posted by nazz
<small>Does anyone know if </small>Pochohantas <small>is a cover of the</small> Neil Young <small>song</small>?
Yes, from paragraph 3 - Neil Young songs "Heart of Gold" and "Pocahontas"

nazz 10-23-03 09:56 AM

Originally posted by bigjim25
Yes, from paragraph 3 - Neil Young songs "Heart of Gold" and "Pocahontas"
Guess I shouldn't speed read. Thanks!

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