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Joxer 08-13-03 10:42 PM

Loreena McKennitt Live In Paris & Toronto [LIVE] Question
Does anyone have this album (not the import) I was looking at it on Amazon.com and noticed that the second CD had all but one of the tracks listed twice. Is this a typo by Amazon? or are there just 8 repeated songs?

DotGone 08-14-03 03:14 PM

Yes, it's a fubar on Amazon's part. The last track on the second disc is #9 Cymbeline.

danol 08-16-03 01:37 AM

I don't have this one but I have "Magic in the Mirror" that contains the songs she produced and sang in the DVD movie "Jade" 1995. I had ordered it from a lesbians group who started thinking I was one to, My name clearly read John.

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