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Swanöholic 08-01-03 11:16 PM

Opeth and Porcupine Tree tour...
...ok, so tomorrow night is the Portland Opeth and Porcupine Tree show...how stoked am I about this??? Words cannot describe.

So, anyone here happen to be going to this show either in Portland or when it comes your way (if it comes your way).

Ergyu 08-02-03 01:31 AM

Shoot man. I was SUPPOSED to go to this Portland gig, but my friend has to work and I hate going to shows alone. Ohwell, I saw them last chance, but I really wanted to hear the mellow stuff live. I guess I'll have to keep waiting. Ohwell, I need to save money anyway hehe. Have a good time for me hehe.

edclem 08-02-03 11:44 AM

saw them in Minneapolis. Absolutely amazing show. You cannot miss this one. I've gone to shows by myself before, and will again. You always meet people there who are more than willing to talk/swap stories.

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