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drexel 06-19-03 06:52 PM

set it free
Antone else like set it free with, the sorta guns n roses line up?? I s Wieland joing that band or is that a 1 shot song?? I really miss GnR

Brain Stew 06-19-03 10:02 PM

Not to get too off topic here, but Jesus christ can't anyone take the time to create a cognitive post anymore? I look around and half of the posts on this forum are "d00d3r I liek sutff and soemtim I think about it and it me makes laugh LOL. Ain't that kewl?"

BTW, yes I miss Guns N' Roses too. I think Scott Weiland is joining "Set It Free" if that is what they are calling this new band composed of old Guns N' Roses members.

Capo2002 06-19-03 10:35 PM

I heard Set It Free, but I wasn't too impressed. I used to love GN'R back in the day, but my musical taste has changed quite a bit since then.

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