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89981 06-12-03 10:29 PM

Horror Epics
Does anyone know where to buy the exploited cd horror epics? I tried looking on ebay and it was not there.

gilbertr76 06-13-03 02:30 AM

Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?

Giantrobo 06-16-03 06:14 AM

I hear Cannibal Corpse is putting out a DVD boxset soon.


Mutley Hyde 06-16-03 04:36 PM

Oi! Punks not dead!

Sorry dude, I don't know where to get it, but I just wanted to say I got to see them back in '87 or '88. :D


gilbertr76 06-17-03 01:53 AM

Amazon will let you preorder the CD just in case anyone ever tries to sell it through them. :brickwl:

gilbertr76 06-17-03 01:58 AM

Then again, you do always have this option:



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