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Buttmunker 06-12-03 03:09 PM

Where's Jim Morrison's brother and sister?
It is surprising to me that I've never seen Jim Morrison's siblings - you'd think that, at some point, they'd get a picture taken.

Did the brother, whose name was Andy (I think), resemble Jim?

Brain Stew 06-12-03 04:28 PM

Do we know for sure he has a brother or sister?

Jim made his past and family a thing of mystery. He calimed his parents were dead often (when they were alive), that he was raised by his grandparents (when he wasn't), and many other differing accounts.

Buttmunker 06-12-03 05:24 PM

We know for sure that Jim Morrison had a brother (Andy), a sister, a mother and a father - not through anything Jim had to say about it, but from people who knew Jim and his family before he got famous.

Danny Sugarman's 1980 book account on Jim's life, No One Here Gets Out Alive, also mentioned his family.

Jason 06-13-03 09:04 PM

You'd think the siblings would have tried to cash in at some point...

I think the Admiral died a few yers back. Not sure about mom.

Buttmunker 06-14-03 11:09 AM

I don't think the sibs had to try to cash in, because Morrison's money went to both his family and to his girl friend's family. They had all the money they could ever want...but fame, on the other hand, wasn't included. I'd have thought they'd want a little of that, too. Guess not.

Wouldn't it be kinda weird if the brother was a spitting image of Jim? Or if Jim's brother's son (if he had one) was a carbon-copy of Jim?

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