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Venom 06-11-03 04:01 PM

love at first listen Vs. it's growing on me
i'm sure we have all listen to songs or albums and didn't really care for them. but we listen a few more times and then a song here and there grows on you so you listen to those few songs again and again. hear and there you accidently listen to a song inbetween and start to like that. next thing you know you like nearly the whole album and wonder why it took you so long to discover how good it was.

how would that album compare to an album or song that you liked alot the first time you heard it?

i find in most cases, down the road i will like both, but the one i didn't care for at first will have an edge.

how do others feel about that?

and also related; hearing a song on the radio alot.... not extremely played out, but hearing it often enough and liking it more after a few listens. do you feel manipulated by the radio/marketing/what have you, or do you feel the song has merit you just didn't understand at the first few times?

F For Fake 06-11-03 04:08 PM

It's definitely been my experience that records that don't grab me immediately will ultimately be my favorites, whereas things that I enjoy instantly will often date quickly and become tiresome to me.

fallow 06-11-03 04:19 PM

This happened to me with Sigur Ros - Hlemmur. I thought it was pretty, as all their songs are, but not enduring and I just didn't listen to it for awhile. Then I sat up one night reading and I wanted to drown out the TV from downstairs - thin walls - so I put that in thinking it wasn't engaging enough to take away from the reading and would work well as a buffer. It just so turned out the disc was the perfect soundtrack for the last 100 pages of this book.

Almost all of my favorite albums don't strike me immediately.

Jepthah 06-11-03 05:43 PM

Definitely the indispensable albums, the ones that stand the test of time, tend to be the ones that you don't necessarily 'get' the first time. They have depth. Or they have a sound you're not accustomed to. This process of discovery is one of the greatest experiences in listening to music, I think.

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