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blinkin_winkin 06-08-03 05:19 PM

Dylan albums to be re-released
Hey everyone,

Check out this link:


I'm pumped because some of these albums needed a lot of work.

I'm disappointed cus I already own three albums which I now need to rebuy. Oh well. I'm sure "Blonde", "Blood" and "Highway" will sound better. I bought two of these through Columbia House. $3-4 per CD isn't too bad to have to rebuy.

Better start saving! :)


palebluedot 06-08-03 07:16 PM

Cool...question is will they be release the original version of Freewheelin Bob Dylan that was mono and had the extra songs on it? The album was released again soon after in stereo without the extra songs. The original album is the most sought after album by collectors sometimes fetching $20,000 or more. I wonder if a CD release of the original would hurt the vinyl collectors.

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