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JNielsen 06-04-03 04:17 PM

Train - My Private Nation
Anyone else loving this CD? Much better than their previous 2. I'm pretty sure it being produced by Brendan O'Brien (Perl Jam, STP, RATM, etc...) has a lot to do with it.

WhattheFFF 06-04-03 09:02 PM

I like it a lot more than the first two. I was kind of skeptical because I didn't like the first single. A surprisingly awesome CD though.

ClarkKentKY 06-04-03 11:06 PM

Actually. I consider myself a pretty big Train fan, and for some reason this CD is disappointing me. I've liked them since '99 and own both their albums and their "One & a Half" CD (available from their wesbite, and worth every penny!)


I thought Calling All Angels was their weakest single yet. And this Cd seems absent of the deeper more heartfelt tracks from the last CD, like "mississippi" and "hopeless" The lyrics this time around seemed kinda empty too. Nothing like their first CD. The only one that even got a response from me was "Lincoln Avenue"

Ultimatly i feel it's kinda Paint-by-numbers. Appeasing to the sound that people expect, not trying anything new, and not progressing any. But i'm hard to please lately.

Still one of the better bands out there, just a little bit of a let down from this album.
At least the new Radiohead CD is good :)


Frank TJ Mackey 06-05-03 09:57 AM

I love the first album and feel its more organic sound is terrific.

The second album is mainly hit-and-miss with it selling big only
because of the single "Drops of Jupiter."

The new one I have only heard a little but it's sounding good.

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