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Rypro 525 06-03-03 04:13 PM

The official St. Anger review and thoughts thread!!
Use this thread to discuss the actuall album and the individual songs and your favorite songs and even rank the songs.
Since some got theirs today, I thought I'd start it a few days early.

GuessWho 06-04-03 10:22 AM

Originally posted by das Monkey
my apologies for jumping to conclusions.
Das, you didn't jump to conclusions... until 48 hours ago, you were 100%correct. The date was June 10th.

Elektra announced the change just this past Monday

New York, NY - Due to the unprecedented level of anticipation and the prevalence of sub-standard versions of Metallica's upcoming, St. Anger, already in circulation, Elektra Records has moved up the release date of the new album, from Tuesday, June 10, to Thursday, June 5.

scottp120 06-04-03 12:37 PM

I know I'll be at Best Buy tomorrow morning at 10 AM to get it for $9.99.

D G D 06-04-03 01:03 PM

can everyone please quit the "what thread does this thread belong in?" crap and just discuss st. anger , please?!!!

the point is moot because I AM LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW!!! i picked it up at best buy in NYC on 6th & 23rd at lunch today (Wednseday...June 4!!!). I found it in the "Metallica" section of the regular cd section, not on the special area for the pre-release.

it's really raw. long songs. cool packaging. great booklet (smaller in size than the normal cd booklet, but alot of pages & cool artwork). free dvd, special code to the web that allows you to go to hours of other footage.

the music. so far, not all that metal. kind of a raw danzig or something, the fast parts are just very repetitive, and not that interesting, no fast melodies like in master of puppets, etc.

i'll review more later, i'm only on "my world" track 6 of 12.

Rypro 525 06-04-03 03:08 PM

I must be the only one who liked the St. Anger song. Hopefully, amazon ships tomorrow.

Rypro 525 06-05-03 09:21 AM

Well it officially comes out today!

cdollaz 06-05-03 10:29 AM

Prediction: There will be tons of these on eBay and Half.com in a week.

This album sucks. It's not even the songwriting that is bad, at least from what I can tell. Problem is, the sound is s***. I can't believe an album in 2003 can sound this horrible. It sound like someone recorded it in a basement onto a tape recorder. There MAY be some really good riffs on here, but the fast riff parts are so jumbled you can't even tell. There is no crispness to the guitar at all, just a monotonous mess. And that damn high-pitched snare drum. Please make it go away. If they were intentionally going for this type of sound, then it didn't pay off at all. So much for what was supposedly a classic sounding Metallica album.

I can't say how weak this release is.

Pillowhead 06-05-03 10:40 AM

I agree with the sound comments. There is some good riffage but the audio on this release is freakin' horrible. Probably one of the worst sounding releases I have ever heard. The high pitched snare drum is the hugest problem. Damn thing is in every song.

[walken]This album needs more cowbell, I mean high pitched snare drum[/walken]

The Robert Johnson blues recordings from the '30's sounds better than this recording.

Joeboo835 06-05-03 11:08 AM

I like it a lot. I guess I'm in the minority.

Rypro 525 06-05-03 11:34 AM

Well, the white stripes album that came out this year was recorded on old dated sound equipment.

cdollaz 06-05-03 11:36 AM

Originally posted by Rypro 525
Well, the white stripes album that came out this year was recorded on old dated sound equipment.
But it didn't sound like s***!!!

Rypro 525 06-05-03 11:41 AM

Originally posted by cdollaz
But it didn't sound like s***!!!
Well, I guess I have to wait and here it for my self since your and my opinion of souding like $hit could be completly different.

Rypro 525 06-05-03 11:42 AM

Also, has anyone heard the dvd yet? How does that sound, i heard that they did live versions on the dvd?

cdollaz 06-05-03 11:51 AM

Originally posted by Rypro 525
Well, I guess I have to wait and here it for my self since your and my opinion of souding like $hit could be completly different.
True, but what I've read on this and other boards, if you didn't think it sounded like s***, you would be in a minority. But to each his own.

mdc3000 06-05-03 12:08 PM

I don't think it sounds like ****... it is VERY RAW but I don't mind it. I think the album is very decent and hopefully with a few more listens it will only get better...


nodeerforamonth 06-05-03 12:12 PM

"raw" does not mean "make the drums sound Calipso and turn them up way louder than anything else". I prefer my music raw, this is just badly mixed.

The DVD has a slightly better mix.

Joeboo835 06-05-03 12:36 PM

I can kinda see how you might not like the sound quality, but the comments about the drums being louder than the guitar? I just don't get that. I think they're pretty even. There are parts where the drum is very pronounced, but I don't think its that bad at all.

I tend to agree about the snare, but it doesn't bother me.

Overall, out of 10 stars, I'd give it 6 1/2. For reference, I give Justice 10, black album 5 1/2, Masters 9, RTL 8. Load and Reload about a 3.

Rypro 525 06-05-03 12:38 PM

It seems like its that the drum is the middle track and the guitar, bass, and vocal are on the right and left. Maybe this is how the band wanted it to be mixed. Plus, they didn't use any studio effects so maybe thats the reason for the sound.

gerrythedon 06-05-03 12:40 PM

after ONE listen...

my top 5:

as for my comments...well NO COMMENT [yet]

Wallet Boy 06-05-03 12:46 PM

After one listen, there were a lot of unexpected changes I wasn't ready for.

After two listens, I'm more in tune with the whole thing and really like it. My World is probably my favorite right now.

I am eagerly awaiting MetallicaVault.com to open. There are three full concerts (all downloadable on mp3) from the 90s going up initially, and they want to put over 100 hours of music up there by the end. They've really outdone themselves with this package. A cool way to get people to buy music again.

DodgingCars 06-05-03 12:53 PM

I thought the title song was pretty much crap. When I first heard it on the radio I didn't like it much, but figured I'd give a couple more listens. The local station plays it quite a bit so I've heard it a few times. I think the sound quality is horrible. A lot of (unintentional?) distortion and the vocals always seemed unneccessarily loud. The lyrics were pitiful and the background shouting sounded awful. The song just sounded so generic and uninspired.

But, I figured I wouldn't judge the whole album on one song -- so I'll wait to hear the rest.

Lateralus42 06-05-03 01:18 PM

The albums kicks ass!!! I dont think this album is targeted towards old farts in mullets who still sport their Master of Puppets T-Shirts. With that in mind, it truly is a great album for the rest of us.

Goat3001 06-05-03 01:20 PM

I like the mixing, its makes it seem more true and raw.

So far I've listened to the first 3 songs and they are excellent.

The vocals are good but the lyrics are bad. The mixing is good, the music is excellent.

I'll get more into it a little later.

Joeboo835 06-05-03 01:25 PM

I think my favorite currently is Dirty Window. Unnamed feeling is good too.

Rypro 525 06-05-03 01:32 PM

also, guys, don't forget to vote as well. I am really likeing this album and I for one think its up there with master and lightning. And if for what ever reason you get the edited version, the only songs that will get edited is st. anger and shoot me again (so far)

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