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The Top 10 worst bands/musicians RIGHT NOW!

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The Top 10 worst bands/musicians RIGHT NOW!

Old 06-07-03, 11:35 PM
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Originally posted by JestersTear
I listened to Radiohead once... they appeared on Saturday Night Live. My mother, who also watches, later asked me if that was supposed to be a comedy skit, because it definitely wasn't funny. I just sat back and shook my head sadly, wondering why so many people flock to this band. They haven't even learned the basics yet... dissonance is ok when used sparingly, but when you over-use it like they do, the song comes out sounding like no one in the band knows how to play their instrument.

I swear, I've heard little kids banging on the keyboards in the music aisle that sounded better.
As far as dissonance goes, Radiohead has a vanilla flavor. Sure, I'll give you this, they do have a small "noise" element to their work, but it is hardly abrasive. The production on it sounds almost warm, especially since I assume we're talking about Kid A and Amnesiac here?

Check out these two songs: "I Broke Up" and "Don Diasco" by Xiu Xiu. That's serious, ear-stabbing SKRREEEEEEEAAAWWWWKs. It might change your view of "painful" Radiohead a bit.

Just a suggestion though, I imagine your view of Radiohead won't change much. (sorry if this is a threadcrap.)
Old 06-08-03, 06:39 AM
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System of a Down
Marilyn Manson
Shania Twain
Britney Spears
Avril Lavigne (Alanis Morrisette wannabe)
Kelly Osbourne (she can't sing worth a crap, she would never get a record deal if Ozzy was never around)
50 Cent (probably the worst rap music I ever heard, how can people enjoy that?)
Old 06-08-03, 03:52 PM
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I hate a lot of the people listed so I'll comment on some other people's choices.

Britney Spears is at least something to look at (slurp) , I dont really care if she can sing or not. hehehe.

Kelly Osbourne has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She can't sing, she is a disgusting slob, and is just a whinney brat cashing in on her fathers name.

Marylyn Manson ... Basically an Alice Cooper wanna be who just can't cut it, stay with the original and best.

Emenem ... Rap is crap and he's the biggest turd of the bunch.

Nsync, Backstreet Boys and any of that boy "band" crap (they are all the same anyway) besides I thought a BAND included people who actually played instraments, so how can they be boy "bands".
Old 06-08-03, 04:22 PM
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well the topic is worst bands and musicians........since rappers, boy "bands" & "divas" are neither then I'll go ahead and exclude all of those jackasses right away.

here we go:

The K-mart punk genre

Sum 41
Blink 182
Simple Plan
Good Charlotte
New Found Glory

The ***** rock genre

Sugar Ray
Matchbox 20
Our Lady Peace
BB Mac

The hard crock genre

Nickelback (or basically any other Canadian band, they all suck!)
Evanescence (don't get me wrong, Amy Lee is great the music is just horrible)
Three Doors Down
Puddle Of Mudd
The Calling (ugh)

ah man forget this genre, I could go on for days and days about the horrid SH|T thats out there.

we got the Nu Metal bullshizzer led by:

Metallica (make no mistake about it, the new album blows)

Rap Rock nonsense

Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Papa Roach
Kid Rock

well thats well over 10, and I could go into more detail but it would take too long.

For a more detailed description of crappy musicians, just turn on MTV.
Old 06-08-03, 06:43 PM
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Macy Gray: A million fingernails on a million blackboards.
P Diddy: Talentless hack who abuses good music. See "Kashmir."
Limp Bizkit: Truth in advertising.
Madonna: Steal latest trend. Repeat ad nauseum.
Ashanti: Hot girl. Boring music.
Enrique Iglesias: This is my mole. This is my talent. Guess which one is bigger?
Old 06-09-03, 10:10 PM
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Originally posted by Dudikoff
1. Deftones - used to like them in the mid-90's, but they got really mellow and whiney.
The new album is particularly aggressive...

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Old 06-21-03, 08:13 AM
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J. Lo
Kelly Osbourne
Avril Lavinge
Ja Rule
Norah Jones
John Mayer

The whole American Idol Thing!

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