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Rogue588 05-25-03 05:01 AM

Pearl Jam Guitarist Mike McCready Has Crohn's Disease

[From Yahoo.com]

Pearl Jam Guitarist Goes Public with Crohn's
By Jonathan Cohen

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Some rock stars run offstage into the arms of a beautiful woman, but Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready often finds himself running ... right to the bathroom.

McCready, 37, has suffered for more than 15 years from the debilitating stomach disorder Crohn's disease. He went public with his story May 13, when he spoke at the Northwest Chapter of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America's (CCFA) third annual Many Faces of Hope luncheon in Seattle.

McCready only summoned the courage to speak publicly about his disease after meeting last fall with other Crohn's sufferers.

"The stories they told me were far worse than what I've experienced," he says. "One kid was 14 and had had six surgeries and still wasn't cured. I wanted to put myself out there and say, 'I've had a career in spite of Crohn's disease.' I learned from these kids, and that gives me a lot of strength and hope."

Researchers are not sure what causes Crohn's, and there is no cure. Patients are subjected to an extensive regimen of medication and must constantly monitor their diet.

McCready takes three different drugs and has been in remission for about eight months. "It is such a strange disease," he says. "You can do everything possible that you think is right, and it can still come back."

During his speech, the artist related a particularly embarrassing incident to demonstrate how Crohn's can strike at any time. "Playing onstage, I'm always aware of where the bathrooms are," he admits. "When Crohn's hits, I have to run, or it won't be pretty. It happened when we opened up for the Rolling Stones in 1997 in Oakland .

"It was our first show with them," McCready continues. "Five minutes before we went on, I went up to (Pearl Jam frontman) Eddie (Vedder) and I said, 'Look man, can we play 'Sometimes'? -- which is a slower song that I'm not really on. I was in pain. I went running offstage looking for a bathroom, and there wasn't one. Then, all of a sudden, there was one. It was a honeybucket. I heard my band play that song from inside a portable toilet!"

McCready says he is lucky to have the support of his bandmates, all of whom were on hand for his speech. (The group resumes its summer North American tour May 28 in Missoula, Mont.) Indeed, some proceeds from Pearl Jam's Seattle shows last December were donated to the CCFA, and McCready plans to remain active with the Northwest chapter of the organization.

Two days after his address, McCready played a CCFA charity concert with his side band, the Rockfords. "Crohn's can be humiliating and restricting," McCready says. "But getting in touch with an organization like CCFA has allowed me to begin dealing with those negatives in a positive way."

Rocky_Stallone 05-25-03 06:23 AM

That sucks, I hope he feels well in the future, one of my favorite guitarists.

Pillowhead 05-26-03 06:30 PM

Great, now everytime I hear "Sometimes" I'm gonna think of him taking a crap.

Seriously though, Pearl Jam is my favorite band and Mcready is an awesome guitarist. I hope the best for him and I can't wait to see them when they come on 6/7.

Josh-da-man 05-27-03 04:42 AM

That's... more than I needed to know.

Drive-In Nut 05-27-03 01:07 PM

Its a real shame that he had to use a portable toilet. I think Mcready was confused though....that wasnt "Sometimes" he was hearing from that honeybucket, it was his own explosive movements. Crohns sucks, and I hope that more celebrities fight for the cause because that is apparently the only thing that gets anything done anymore (Michael J Fox/Parkinsons, etc.).

tomveil 05-29-03 02:42 PM

I hope it all came out in a even flow. -eek-

Josh-da-man 05-29-03 05:15 PM


talespinner 05-29-03 11:45 PM

Beth Orton has Crohn's also

Thunderball 05-30-03 12:21 PM

The sun of a lady I work with has this. ... it's not pretty :(

tomveil 05-30-03 10:54 PM

Well, atleast he has something to do while Eddie is ranting about Bush.;)

DrRingDing 06-01-03 12:06 PM

Originally posted by Thunderball
The sun of a lady I work with has this. ... it's not pretty :(
i didn't know that interstellar objects could have a human genetic condition! -eek-


interesting to know, though.. i'd never heard of it before... now i'm going to forever associate with pearl jam..
-di doctor-

Cusm 06-02-03 04:51 PM

my aunt has it and it is a bad disease that has a different stigma attached to it than some of the other chronic diseases that tend ot ellict more sympathy.

Ginwen 06-03-03 02:55 PM

Supposedly I have it (according to the gastroenterologist), but it must be pretty mild in my case because it's no big deal.

emanon 06-10-03 09:46 PM

I wish I'd never read this thread...my nightly viewing of the Showbox DVD has been corrupted by images of Mr. McCready needing to take a big fat dump. Even my wife sees it in his facial expressions...Off He Goes, indeed.

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