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danol 05-22-03 01:42 AM

Songs you liked but can't find anymore
Bertie Higgins "Key Largo" I used to roller skate couples with this song. Angel Baby by Rosie and the Originals, my gals favorite to roller skate to. There is something going on by Frieda. Uptown Festival and Stars on 45s, man these two were long and roller skating backwards at full speed usually left you out of breath. There were a few of us that even skated via a strobe light at full speed without hitting anyone. The gals liked us to them we were just plain 'super' Yo.

Rant start P.S. If you think this is about songs at quad roller rinks your absolutely right. I started when I was 13 ended in 1985 road accident, 25 years of going around at rinks all over the USA, favorites Alta Vista, VA, Nashua NH, Skateland Matamoras PA right across from Port Jervis, NY and many more that seen a guy climb out of a bobtail tractor (without the trailer) with his own skates. I was 'back in black' clothes like Eddie of the cruisers wore, that blew them away with parachute pants or bikers black velcro shorts skatewise!

Black skates with Rydell 220 boots and Hartford gold semi-precision bearings and red lined wheels. It's not the skates it's the man who wears them to skate with I was da man! I know bragging again danol, yup those were *my* nights after work instead of the bar scene like the other TT drivers did. End of Rant :)

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